Quarterbacks Options For Aaron Rodgers Bye Week

Aaron Rodgers

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Drafting Aaron Rodgers in the first round was a given for most owners. I can’t see any reason that he ever made it into the second round.  If you did get lucky to have a chance at him and drafted the MVP QB, then you’ve most likely played him all year with confidence and had no reason to have or play a back-up QB.  The fact that Rodgers bye week wasn’t until week 10 made it possible to keep the roster clean from QBs until you really needed one.  For owners that didn’t draft well, at this point you’ll know if you are contending for the playoffs and if you are, then this week is important, but for those that are not then this week is just another throw away.

Rodgers has pretty much picked up where he left off last year. He is currently #2 in QB rating and completions, and #1 in passing touchdowns. The yards have been there like last year, but he is still in the top 10 for passing yards as well. Given his elite status, it’s pretty much a given that you can’t replace him, nor did you draft a comparable QB because those would have been taking in the first couple of rounds and you wouldn’t have used two picks on QBs in the first couple of rounds. This means that you either don’t have a backup QB or are looking at starting a lower tier QB for this week.  For those that don’t have a backup QB, there are some really good options this week that would be available on the wire that could help adsorb some of blow and produce some decent points.

Backup Fantasy Football Quarterback Options For Aaron Rodgers Week 10 Bye:

  • Ryan Tannehill – Playing against the Titans at home is almost like dream for fantasy owners. This match-up couldn’t be better. The Titan rank near last in the league in both total yards and passing yards and rank dead last in points given up and touchdowns per game. Tannehill typically plays better at home and his QB rating is almost 10 points higher. In 3 home games this year, he has 4 touchdowns to only 1 interception.  This looks like the best option for Rodgers owners.
  • Alex Smith – He may or may not be out there, but he has a good match-up this week and is playing well this year. Smith’s QB rating ranks in the top 5 this year. Playing at home, his numbers are only slightly better then on the road, and the Rams have been pretty tough on opposing QBs this year so although this looks like a safe play, its not the best option.
  • Russell Wilson – The yards are not quite there yet.  His QB rating at home is off the chart and nearly double what he does on the road, but the Jets have some good corners and could prove to be too much for him.  They rank among the best in the league for passing yards per game and barley give up around 200 per contest. Wilson is not even averaging 200 yards per game so it looks like this may be a low scoring game, but he does have 9 touchdowns to 0 interceptions at home so he does play well. I would avoid this unless there is no other choice.
  • Jake Locker – Looks like he will play this week, but playing on the road as the Dolphins is not something I would bank on. Avoid this situation.
  • Christian Ponder – He is playing at home, which does help, but it’s against one of the league’s better pass defenses that barely gives up 200 yards per game. His best option is hurt and may not play, and he has been playing pretty bad lately so this doesn’t look like safe play at this point. Until word comes out that Harvin will play, I would avoid this situation this week.
  • Blaine Gabbert – Playing at home should be a good thing, but for Gabbert it has not been. His QB rating and yards per game are much lower at home then on the road. His match-up this week isn’t that great and he has more interceptions then touchdowns at home. I would avoid this as well.

The bottom line here is that there are a couple of options, but the best one for those that have no backup looks like Ryan Tannehill. I’ve got Rodgers in two leagues and I’ve already added him and will be playing him this week.


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