Hot Off The Wire – Week 1 Waivers

The waivers are always very active week 1 in the NFL fantasy football season. Owners finally getting to see the teams in full action and getting a sense of how they will operate this year gets everyone speculating on who will be the waiver gems and those that can make or break a team during bye weeks.

Every year there are some hot commodities that come off the wire in week 1 and for those that are quick enough to grab them up reap the benefits that come with it, but for every gem there are at twice as many duds.

The following guys will be heavily picked up this first week on the NFL fantasy football season and if you need a position player or have room on the bench, then these guys might be worth taking a look at.

  • Kevin Ogletree – His breakout performance on opening night helped make him hot grab, but keep in mind he’s got two other top guys in front of him.
  • Alfred Morris – Just named the starter, for now, gives Morris a lot of added value and will mean that he should be a must play at running back 2 or flex, but things can change quickly in Mike’s wheel of fantasy.
  • CJ Spiller – If he was not already drafted, this now starter for the next 3 – 4 weeks will be a great pickup and could produce some decent running back 1 or 2 over the span that Jackson is out, and this could mean a signal of turning tide if Spiller picks up the added workload well.
  • Michael Bush – This looks like a scavenger situation, but with 2 touchdowns and plenty of work, Bush looks like a solid flex play and will  help teams over the bye weeks.
  • Jonathan Dwyer – Although not the starting back, Dwyer showed that he could be an every down back and is getting a good amount of opportunities to make things happen. He could be a steal at this point and may pay off big down the line.
  • Stephen Hill – He did pull in 2 touchdowns but owners can’t expect this type of game every week and there may be some degree of let down when they face tougher defenses.  Be cautious and monitor the situation.
  • Randall Cobb – Most players on the Packer offense get decent points, but Cobb looks like he is trying to really make an impact this year. Snagging 9 catches for 77 yards from Rodgers while returning 3 back for another 73 yards means Cobb is giving fantasy owners a lot to get excited about.
  • Dexter McCluster – He finds away to reward fantasy owners with points and this year it looks like it might be through the air. He pulled in 6 catches for 82 yards and could continue to see decent production in the offense.
  • Alshon Jeffery – The rookie didn’t disappoint and came in with 3 catches and a touchdown in his NFL debut. If he is not already drafted, then look for him to continue to make plays for Cutler.

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