Sit and Start Wide Receivers Week 14

Calvin Johnson

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The following are the must-start wide receivers. These are the players that have no risk, no injuries, and are most likely to get their projected more or higher.  Start the following guys with confidence and over any of the other players that are listed if you have them.

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Quarterbacks Options For Aaron Rodgers Bye Week

Aaron Rodgers


Drafting Aaron Rodgers in the first round was a given for most owners. I can’t see any reason that he ever made it into the second round.  If you did get lucky to have a chance at him and drafted the MVP QB, then you’ve most likely played him all year with confidence and had no reason to have or play a back-up QB. Continue reading

Week 7 Injury Report Updates – Fantasy 911

Aaron Hernandez

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As always there were some big injuries in week 6. I don’t think any of them were bigger then the one that the Ravens suffered with Ray Lewis. Although he doesn’t have fantasy value in many fantasy leagues, his presence helped define that team’s strength to overcome odds and there will be some loss in that department for sure. Continue reading

Quarterbacks, Running Backs, & Receivers, Oh My

Robert Griffin

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The league may be watching this week if RG3 takes the field and how he plays after getting his first big hit in the NFL. Many quarterbacks before him have been pounded while running with the ball and have felt the stunning blow that left him on the sidelines this past week and questionable for this week’s game. Continue reading

Week 4 Fantasy 911 Injury Updates – RB Spotlight

Reggie Bush

There are a couple of big names that look like they are coming back this week, as well as some key players that look like they are on track to play this week despite being injured in last week’s game.  As always, we see a few questionable situations developing that will need to be monitored by owners to be sure who is the right play, but we’ll go over what we know for now to get started. Continue reading

Waiver Gems – Players Going Big In Week 3

Golden Tate

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After a wild weekend in the NFL and week 3 in the books officially, we take a look at the waiver wire and see what gems might be lurking out there for you grab up and play in week  4 or possibly beyond.  There were some very notable injuries in week 3 that will have some fantasy impact and often in these cases the back-ups will be the hottest commodity on the waiver, but there is one case where this might not apply. Continue reading

Forte, Jackson, & Matthews Headline Fantasy 911

Ryan Mathews

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Week 3 in the NFL and like always we’ve got some big name fantasy players on the injury lists. Some situations are not very serious at all and the players look like they are going fine, but there are some that appear to be a little iffy at the moment and may need to be monitored. Continue reading

Week 2 Fantasy Players To Keep An Eye On

It’s another typical week in fantasy football with a few top players are on injury lists and some in situations where they have bad match-ups or new role players around them so they make owners uneasy.  It’s not that they can’t or won’t play, but they are situations that need to be monitored in order to get the right lineup ready for Sunday. Continue reading

Hot Off The Wire – Week 1 Waivers

The waivers are always very active week 1 in the NFL fantasy football season. Owners finally getting to see the teams in full action and getting a sense of how they will operate this year gets everyone speculating on who will be the waiver gems and those that can make or break a team during bye weeks.

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Alfred Morris Locked Up Redskin Backfield

Alfred Morris

Source: NFL

After his debut performance starting as the Redskins tailback, Alfred Morris made the most of it going 96 yards on 28 carries and 2 touchdowns.  Morris, who was listed at the 3 running back on the depth chart behind last year’s starter Roy Helu and this year’s featured starter Evan Royster. Continue reading