2012 Fantasy Football Draft Surprises

Eli Manning

With the second to last preseason weekend over, and only one more weekend left before the first 2012 NFL kickoff, many fantasy football leagues really got going over the past two days. Yes, there have been drafts before this past weekend, but most leagues wait until the final two weekends, and if they can, wait to last weekend to get their draft in because it’s best to wait till the last possible time to draft for the league. Preseason injuries, holdout issues, surprise starters, and other aspects that make it hard to draft early in the preseason and knowing the full scope of the league really helps to draft well. However, the time to draft is finally coming close and it’s best to know what surprises you may be in for if you haven’t followed our advice and done some mock drafts, or have participated in some live drafts already. The following highlights will help prepare you for what will be a very interesting draft class.

2012 Fantasy Football Draft Surprises

Quarterbacks are very deep this year. Unless you really need to get Rodgers, Brees, Brady, or Newton, the rest of the guys are well after the 7th or 8th rounds. You can really help your team more by waiting on a QB and getting some of the top wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs, which have a bigger drop off in terms of point value then the rest of the quarterbacks do.  QBs like Eli Manning, Matt Schaub, and Jay Culter, and others weren’t going to near the last couple of rounds, and all of these guys can put up top 10 numbers.  Don’t feel like you have to get a QB in the first 5 rounds, unless you really want one of the top 5 QBs, but keep in mind the point value for the round is not there.  For example, I saw Stafford picked up in the first 3 rounds, where as I saw Eli grabbed near the last couple of rounds and their average points per game is around 2. Vick, who was also picked up in the first 6 rounds average about the same points as Eli and again was picked up at least 5 rounds later.

There is not much reason to grab a defense or kicker in the first 10 rounds, and honestly, you should wait till the last couple of rounds to even look at a defense. I know that every one wants the Steelers, Ravens, or Packers, but to be honest, there are other teams that are getting better fantasy points for defense then these teams that do well on the field.  For example, the Steelers didn’t even finish in the top 10 last year, and yet I still saw them going in early rounds where position players should be getting picked up.  Surprising, on the board, were some of the top teams in terms of fantasy points for defense well into the last two rounds.  Don’t feel like you need to jump on a team early and waste a pick where you can get a solid backup player to fill in for bye weeks.

People are not sleeping on wide receivers. Get them early and often if you want to have some reliable performers that can put up points week in and week out. Tight ends are also getting drafted early so if you want a top 5 tight end, then make sure you get one ready in the first 3 rounds.  As far as running backs go, there are some great backs that are scattered around the draft.  You do need to get one of the workhorse backs, but there are some gems to be had even in later rounds with plenty of 1000 yard rushers to go around. RBs like Wells, Greene, and Bush were still on the draft boards well into rounds 8 – 10 so make sure you look for these guys in those rounds to add a solid RB into your mix.

This information will help you get prepared for the draft and make sure you are ahead of the game so that there are no surprises come draft day.  Get ready to dominate your fantasy football league with a solid draft.

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