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1990 NFL Season

In 1990 the San Francisco 49ers finished with the best record in the league at 14 and 2, but they did not make the Super Bowl. Warren Moon led the league in passing yards with 4,689, Barry Sanders led the league in rushing yards with 1,304 and Jerry Rice lead the league in receiving yards with 1,502. The top fantasy point producers for the season were Warren Moon with 24.46 points per game, Randall Cunningham with 24.22 points per game and Joe Montana with 19.83 points per game. Some of the top fantasy games were Randall Cunningham with 42.40 points against the New England Patriots, Joe Montana with 42.20 points against the Atlanta Falcons and Jerry Rice with 41.25 points against the Atlanta Falcons.
1990 Top Fantasy Players by Position
Warren Moon was the top Fantasy Quarterback of 1990. He produced 366.95 fantasy points in 15 games for an average of 24.46 points a game. Statistically, he had 362 pass completions for 4,689 yards and 33 touchdowns. Other top Fantasy qbs were Randall Cunningham with 3,466 passing yards and 30 td passes and Joe Montana with 3,944 yards passing and 26 td tosses.Rodney Peete with 1,974 yards passing and 13 td tosses.Jim Everett with 3,989 yards passing and 23 td tosses.Chris Miller with 2,735 yards passing and 17 td tosses.Don Majkowski with 1,925 yards passing and 10 td tosses.Timm Rosenbach with 3,098 yards passing and 16 td tosses.John Elway with 3,526 yards passing and 15 td tosses.Vinny Testaverde with 2,818 yards passing and 17 td tosses.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Warren Moon24.46
Randall Cunningham24.22
Joe Montana19.83
Rodney Peete19.09
Jim Everett17.35
Chris Miller16.97
Don Majkowski16.76
Timm Rosenbach16.74
John Elway16.57
Vinny Testaverde16.15
Running Backs
The top fantasy Running Back of 1990 was Barry Sanders. He averaged 15.65 fantasy points per game for 16 games for a total of 250.40 points. He also had 1,304 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. Some of the other top Fantasy rbs were Thurman Thomas with 1,297 rushing yards and 234.30 fantasy points and Neal Anderson with 1,078 yards rushing and 210.00 fantasy points.Marion Butts with 1,225 yards rushing and 176.35 fantasy points.Cleveland Gary with 808 yards rushing and 178.30 fantasy points.Derrick Fenner with 859 yards rushing and 183.05 fantasy points.Earnest Byner with 1,219 yards rushing and 182.40 fantasy points.Bobby Humphrey with 1,202 yards rushing and 169.80 fantasy points.Emmitt Smith with 937 yards rushing and 171.10 fantasy points.James Brooks with 1,004 yards rushing and 167.85 fantasy points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Barry Sanders15.65
Thurman Thomas14.64
Neal Anderson14.00
Marion Butts12.60
Cleveland Gary11.89
Derrick Fenner11.44
Earnest Byner11.40
Bobby Humphrey11.32
Emmitt Smith10.69
James Brooks10.49
Wide Receivers
Jerry Rice was the top Fantasy Wide Receiver of 1990 with 100 receptions for 1,502 yards and 13 touchdowns. These numbers produced a total of 153.10 fantasy points for an average of 9.57 points per game. The other top wide receiver fantasy point producers were Andre Rison with 1,208 receiving yards on 82 receptions for 120.40 fantasy points and Ernest Givins with 979 yards receiving on 72 catches.Anthony Carter with 1,008 yards receiving on 70 catches.Gary Clark with 1,112 yards receiving on 75 catches.Eddie Brown with 706 yards receiving on 44 catches.Haywood Jeffires with 1,048 yards receiving on 74 catches.Andre Reed with 945 yards receiving on 71 catches.Henry Ellard with 1,294 yards receiving on 76 catches.Steve Broussard with 160 yards receiving on 24 catches.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Jerry Rice9.57
Andre Rison7.53
Ernest Givins6.84
Anthony Carter6.67
Gary Clark6.48
Eddie Brown6.38
Haywood Jeffires6.28
Andre Reed6.10
Henry Ellard6.05
Steve Broussard5.95
Tight Ends
Averaging 4.96 fantasy points per game for 14 games made Keith Jackson the top Fantasy Tight End of 1990. Statistically, he had 50 receptions for 6 touchdowns and 670 receiving yards. Other top tight end fantasy point producers of 1990 were Eric Green with 61.35 fantasy points on 387 receiving yards and 34 receptions and Brent Jones with 747 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Jay Novacek with 657 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Keith McKeller with 464 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Mark Bavaro with 393 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Marv Cook with 455 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Steve Jordan with 636 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Ed West with 356 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Mike Mularkey with 365 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Keith Jackson4.96
Eric Green4.72
Brent Jones4.21
Jay Novacek3.55
Keith McKeller3.33
Mark Bavaro3.31
Marv Cook3.30
Steve Jordan3.11
Ed West2.99
Mike Mularkey2.27
The top fantasy kicker of 1990 with 34 field goals and 37 extra points was Nick Lowery. These stats produced a 16 game total of 139.00 fantasy points for an average of 8.69 per game. The other top fantasy point seasons turned in by a kicker were from Chip Lohmiller with 30 field goals and 41 extra points for an average of 8.19 points per game and Donald Igwebuike with 61.00 points on 14 field goals and 19 extra points.Teddy Garcia with 68.00 points on 14 field goals and 26 extra points.Kevin Butler with 114.00 points on 26 field goals and 36 extra points.John Carney with 84.00 points on 19 field goals and 27 extra points.Mike Cofer with 111.00 points on 24 field goals and 39 extra points.Scott Norwood with 110.00 points on 20 field goals and 50 extra points.David Treadwell with 109.00 points on 25 field goals and 34 extra points.Roger Ruzek with 108.00 points on 21 field goals and 45 extra points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Nick Lowery8.69
Chip Lohmiller8.19
Donald Igwebuike7.63
Teddy Garcia7.56
Kevin Butler7.13
John Carney7.00
Mike Cofer6.94
Scott Norwood6.88
David Treadwell6.81
Roger Ruzek6.75
*Fantasy Point Calculation Formula
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