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1981 NFL Season

In 1981 the San Francisco 49ers finished with the best record in the league at 13 and 3, and they went on to win the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals. Dan Fouts led the league in passing yards with 4,802, George Rogers led the league in rushing yards with 1,674 and Alfred Jenkins lead the league in receiving yards with 1,358. The top fantasy point producers for the season were Dan Fouts with 21.54 points per game, Tommy Kramer with 19.64 points per game and Ken Anderson with 19.54 points per game. Some of the top fantasy games were Eric Hipple with 42.10 points against the Chicago Bears, Kellen Winslow with 37.20 points against the Oakland Raiders and Ken Anderson with 35.90 points against the Denver Broncos.
1981 Top Fantasy Players by Position
Dan Fouts was the top Fantasy Quarterback of 1981. He produced 344.70 fantasy points in 16 games for an average of 21.54 points a game. Statistically, he had 360 pass completions for 4,802 yards and 33 touchdowns. Other top Fantasy qbs were Tommy Kramer with 3,912 passing yards and 26 td passes and Ken Anderson with 3,754 yards passing and 29 td tosses.Steve Bartkowski with 3,829 yards passing and 30 td tosses.Doug Williams with 3,563 yards passing and 19 td tosses.Terry Bradshaw with 2,887 yards passing and 22 td tosses.Brian Sipe with 3,876 yards passing and 17 td tosses.Joe Theismann with 3,568 yards passing and 19 td tosses.Steve Grogan with 1,859 yards passing and 7 td tosses.Joe Ferguson with 3,652 yards passing and 24 td tosses.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Dan Fouts21.54
Tommy Kramer19.64
Ken Anderson19.54
Steve Bartkowski17.60
Doug Williams17.50
Terry Bradshaw17.04
Brian Sipe16.63
Joe Theismann16.57
Steve Grogan16.52
Joe Ferguson16.47
Running Backs
The top fantasy Running Back of 1981 was Billy Sims. He averaged 18.30 fantasy points per game for 14 games for a total of 256.25 points. He also had 1,437 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. Some of the other top Fantasy rbs were Chuck Muncie with 1,144 rushing yards and 249.65 fantasy points and George Rogers with 1,674 yards rushing and 251.70 fantasy points.Wendell Tyler with 1,074 yards rushing and 231.20 fantasy points.Wilbert Montgomery with 1,402 yards rushing and 226.25 fantasy points.William Andrews with 1,301 yards rushing and 238.85 fantasy points.Pete Johnson with 1,077 yards rushing and 219.70 fantasy points.Tony Dorsett with 1,646 yards rushing and 216.85 fantasy points.Joe Cribbs with 1,097 yards rushing and 203.30 fantasy points.Ottis Anderson with 1,376 yards rushing and 210.95 fantasy points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Billy Sims18.30
Chuck Muncie16.64
George Rogers15.73
Wendell Tyler15.41
Wilbert Montgomery15.08
William Andrews14.93
Pete Johnson13.73
Tony Dorsett13.55
Joe Cribbs13.55
Ottis Anderson13.18
Wide Receivers
Alfred Jenkins was the top Fantasy Wide Receiver of 1981 with 70 receptions for 1,358 yards and 13 touchdowns. These numbers produced a total of 145.90 fantasy points for an average of 9.12 points per game. The other top wide receiver fantasy point producers were Steve Watson with 1,244 receiving yards on 60 receptions for 140.80 fantasy points and Steve Largent with 1,224 yards receiving on 75 catches.Wesley Walker with 770 yards receiving on 47 catches.Kevin House with 1,176 yards receiving on 56 catches.James Lofton with 1,294 yards receiving on 71 catches.Stanley Morgan with 1,029 yards receiving on 44 catches.Charlie Joiner with 1,188 yards receiving on 70 catches.Cris Collinsworth with 1,009 yards receiving on 67 catches.Wes Chandler with 857 yards receiving on 52 catches.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Alfred Jenkins9.12
Steve Watson8.80
Steve Largent7.87
Wesley Walker7.12
Kevin House7.11
James Lofton7.04
Stanley Morgan6.89
Charlie Joiner6.34
Cris Collinsworth6.15
Wes Chandler6.06
Tight Ends
Averaging 7.11 fantasy points per game for 16 games made Kellen Winslow the top Fantasy Tight End of 1981. Statistically, he had 88 receptions for 10 touchdowns and 1,075 receiving yards. Other top tight end fantasy point producers of 1981 were Joe Senser with 98.40 fantasy points on 1,004 receiving yards and 79 receptions and Ozzie Newsome with 1,002 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns.Don Hasselbeck with 808 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns.Dave Casper with 572 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns.Dan Ross with 910 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Jimmie Giles with 786 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns.Riley Odoms with 516 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Paul Coffman with 687 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Derrick Ramsey with 674 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Kellen Winslow7.11
Joe Senser6.15
Ozzie Newsome5.51
Don Hasselbeck5.46
Dave Casper4.79
Dan Ross4.72
Jimmie Giles4.71
Riley Odoms3.72
Paul Coffman3.65
Derrick Ramsey3.61
The top fantasy kicker of 1981 with 25 field goals and 46 extra points was Eddie Murray. These stats produced a 16 game total of 121.00 fantasy points for an average of 7.56 per game. The other top fantasy point seasons turned in by a kicker were from Rafael Septien with 27 field goals and 40 extra points for an average of 7.56 points per game and Nick Lowery with 115.00 points on 26 field goals and 37 extra points.Jim Breech with 115.00 points on 22 field goals and 49 extra points.Mick Luckhurst with 114.00 points on 21 field goals and 51 extra points.Pat Leahy with 113.00 points on 25 field goals and 38 extra points.Rolf Benirschke with 112.00 points on 19 field goals and 55 extra points.Uwe von Schamann with 109.00 points on 24 field goals and 37 extra points.Ray Wersching with 81.00 points on 17 field goals and 30 extra points.Joe Danelo with 103.00 points on 24 field goals and 31 extra points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Eddie Murray7.56
Rafael Septien7.56
Nick Lowery7.19
Jim Breech7.19
Mick Luckhurst7.13
Pat Leahy7.06
Rolf Benirschke7.00
Uwe von Schamann6.81
Ray Wersching6.75
Joe Danelo6.44
*Fantasy Point Calculation Formula
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