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1975 NFL Season

In 1975 the Minnesota Vikings finished with the best record in the league at 12 and 2, but they did not make the Super Bowl. Ken Anderson led the league in passing yards with 3,169, O.J. Simpson led the league in rushing yards with 1,817 and Ken Burrough lead the league in receiving yards with 1,063. The top fantasy point producers for the season were O.J. Simpson with 24.36 points per game, Chuck Foreman with 19.54 points per game and Ken Anderson with 19.40 points per game. Some of the top fantasy games were Greg Pruitt with 40.55 points against the Kansas City Chiefs, Lydell Mitchell with 37.35 points against the Buffalo Bills and Chuck Foreman with 36.85 points against the Buffalo Bills.
1975 Top Fantasy Players by Position
Ken Anderson was the top Fantasy Quarterback of 1975. He produced 252.25 fantasy points in 13 games for an average of 19.40 points a game. Statistically, he had 228 pass completions for 3,169 yards and 21 touchdowns. Other top Fantasy qbs were Roger Staubach with 2,666 passing yards and 17 td passes and Fran Tarkenton with 2,994 yards passing and 25 td tosses.Billy Kilmer with 2,440 yards passing and 23 td tosses.Bert Jones with 2,483 yards passing and 18 td tosses.Joe Ferguson with 2,426 yards passing and 25 td tosses.Mike Livingston with 1,245 yards passing and 8 td tosses.Terry Bradshaw with 2,055 yards passing and 18 td tosses.Bob Griese with 1,693 yards passing and 14 td tosses.Jim Hart with 2,507 yards passing and 19 td tosses.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Ken Anderson19.40
Roger Staubach18.45
Fran Tarkenton17.68
Billy Kilmer16.70
Bert Jones16.30
Joe Ferguson15.04
Mike Livingston14.15
Terry Bradshaw13.98
Bob Griese13.86
Jim Hart13.50
Running Backs
The top fantasy Running Back of 1975 was O.J. Simpson. He averaged 24.36 fantasy points per game for 14 games for a total of 341.00 points. He also had 1,817 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. Some of the other top Fantasy rbs were Chuck Foreman with 1,070 rushing yards and 273.55 fantasy points and Lydell Mitchell with 1,193 yards rushing and 236.50 fantasy points.Franco Harris with 1,246 yards rushing and 201.30 fantasy points.Terry Metcalf with 816 yards rushing and 184.05 fantasy points.Greg Pruitt with 1,067 yards rushing and 175.65 fantasy points.Jim Braxton with 823 yards rushing and 174.40 fantasy points.John Riggins with 1,005 yards rushing and 172.65 fantasy points.Pete Banaszak with 672 yards rushing and 166.40 fantasy points.Mike Thomas with 919 yards rushing and 158.05 fantasy points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
O.J. Simpson24.36
Chuck Foreman19.54
Lydell Mitchell16.89
Franco Harris14.38
Terry Metcalf14.16
Greg Pruitt12.55
Jim Braxton12.46
John Riggins12.33
Pete Banaszak11.89
Mike Thomas11.29
Wide Receivers
Mel Gray was the top Fantasy Wide Receiver of 1975 with 48 receptions for 926 yards and 11 touchdowns. These numbers produced a total of 112.90 fantasy points for an average of 8.06 points per game. The other top wide receiver fantasy point producers were Lynn Swann with 781 receiving yards on 49 receptions for 106.35 fantasy points and Ken Burrough with 1,063 yards receiving on 53 catches.Cliff Branch with 893 yards receiving on 51 catches.Frank Grant with 776 yards receiving on 41 catches.Gene Washington with 735 yards receiving on 44 catches.Drew Pearson with 822 yards receiving on 46 catches.Isaac Curtis with 934 yards receiving on 44 catches.Harold Jackson with 786 yards receiving on 43 catches.J.D. Hill with 667 yards receiving on 36 catches.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Mel Gray8.06
Lynn Swann7.60
Ken Burrough7.23
Cliff Branch7.18
Frank Grant6.53
Gene Washington6.45
Drew Pearson6.44
Isaac Curtis6.27
Harold Jackson5.81
J.D. Hill5.39
Tight Ends
Averaging 3.99 fantasy points per game for 14 games made Russ Francis the top Fantasy Tight End of 1975. Statistically, he had 35 receptions for 4 touchdowns and 636 receiving yards. Other top tight end fantasy point producers of 1975 were Charle Young with 51.05 fantasy points on 659 receiving yards and 49 receptions and Jim Mitchell with 536 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Riley Odoms with 544 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Charlie Sanders with 486 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Stu Voigt with 363 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Walter White with 559 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Oscar Roan with 463 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Raymond Chester with 457 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Jackie Smith with 246 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Russ Francis3.99
Charle Young3.65
Jim Mitchell3.63
Riley Odoms3.42
Charlie Sanders3.25
Stu Voigt3.24
Walter White3.21
Oscar Roan2.94
Raymond Chester2.92
Jackie Smith2.70
The top fantasy kicker of 1975 with 22 field goals and 38 extra points was Toni Fritsch. These stats produced a 14 game total of 104.00 fantasy points for an average of 7.43 per game. The other top fantasy point seasons turned in by a kicker were from Jim Bakken with 19 field goals and 40 extra points for an average of 6.93 points per game and Jan Stenerud with 96.00 points on 22 field goals and 30 extra points.Roy Gerela with 95.00 points on 17 field goals and 44 extra points.Tom Dempsey with 94.00 points on 21 field goals and 31 extra points.Jim Turner with 86.00 points on 21 field goals and 23 extra points.Fred Cox with 85.00 points on 13 field goals and 46 extra points.Skip Butler with 85.00 points on 18 field goals and 31 extra points.Mark Moseley with 85.00 points on 16 field goals and 37 extra points.Horst Muhlmann with 81.00 points on 20 field goals and 21 extra points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Toni Fritsch7.43
Jim Bakken6.93
Jan Stenerud6.86
Roy Gerela6.79
Tom Dempsey6.71
Jim Turner6.14
Fred Cox6.07
Skip Butler6.07
Mark Moseley6.07
Horst Muhlmann5.79
*Fantasy Point Calculation Formula
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