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1972 NFL Season

In 1972 the Miami Dolphins finished with the best record in the league at 14 and 0, and they went on to win the Super Bowl against the Washington Redskins. Joe Namath led the league in passing yards with 2,816, O.J. Simpson led the league in rushing yards with 1,251 and Harold Jackson lead the league in receiving yards with 1,048. The top fantasy point producers for the season were Greg Landry with 18.84 points per game, Larry Brown with 18.10 points per game and Archie Manning with 17.15 points per game. Some of the top fantasy games were Joe Namath with 42.90 points against the Baltimore Colts, Ron Johnson with 39.40 points against the Philadelphia Eagles and Greg Landry with 36.25 points against the Chicago Bears.
1972 Top Fantasy Players by Position
Greg Landry was the top Fantasy Quarterback of 1972. He produced 263.70 fantasy points in 14 games for an average of 18.84 points a game. Statistically, he had 134 pass completions for 2,066 yards and 18 touchdowns. Other top Fantasy qbs were Archie Manning with 2,781 passing yards and 18 td passes and Bobby Douglass with 1,246 yards passing and 9 td tosses.Joe Namath with 2,816 yards passing and 19 td tosses.Terry Bradshaw with 1,887 yards passing and 12 td tosses.Fran Tarkenton with 2,651 yards passing and 18 td tosses.Mike Phipps with 1,994 yards passing and 13 td tosses.John Brodie with 905 yards passing and 9 td tosses.John Hadl with 2,449 yards passing and 15 td tosses.Craig Morton with 2,396 yards passing and 15 td tosses.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Greg Landry18.84
Archie Manning17.15
Bobby Douglass16.72
Joe Namath15.28
Terry Bradshaw14.78
Fran Tarkenton14.61
Mike Phipps13.88
John Brodie13.18
John Hadl13.11
Craig Morton12.81
Running Backs
The top fantasy Running Back of 1972 was Larry Brown. He averaged 18.10 fantasy points per game for 12 games for a total of 217.25 points. He also had 1,216 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns. Some of the other top Fantasy rbs were Ron Johnson with 1,182 rushing yards and 224.75 fantasy points and Floyd Little with 859 yards rushing and 187.40 fantasy points.Emerson Boozer with 549 yards rushing and 146.00 fantasy points.Calvin Hill with 1,036 yards rushing and 181.55 fantasy points.Franco Harris with 1,055 yards rushing and 180.50 fantasy points.Mercury Morris with 1,000 yards rushing and 180.40 fantasy points.O.J. Simpson with 1,251 yards rushing and 179.65 fantasy points.John Riggins with 944 yards rushing and 153.90 fantasy points.Art Malone with 798 yards rushing and 169.05 fantasy points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Larry Brown18.10
Ron Johnson16.05
Floyd Little13.39
Emerson Boozer13.27
Calvin Hill12.97
Franco Harris12.89
Mercury Morris12.89
O.J. Simpson12.83
John Riggins12.83
Art Malone12.08
Wide Receivers
Gene Washington was the top Fantasy Wide Receiver of 1972 with 46 receptions for 918 yards and 12 touchdowns. These numbers produced a total of 117.90 fantasy points for an average of 8.42 points per game. The other top wide receiver fantasy point producers were Rich Caster with 833 receiving yards on 39 receptions for 102.25 fantasy points and Harold Jackson with 1,048 yards receiving on 62 catches.Fred Biletnikoff with 802 yards receiving on 58 catches.Frank Pitts with 620 yards receiving on 36 catches.Danny Abramowicz with 668 yards receiving on 38 catches.Gary Garrison with 744 yards receiving on 52 catches.Otis Taylor with 821 yards receiving on 57 catches.Haven Moses with 224 yards receiving on 15 catches.Dave Parks with 542 yards receiving on 32 catches.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Gene Washington8.42
Rich Caster7.30
Harold Jackson6.00
Fred Biletnikoff5.86
Frank Pitts5.85
Danny Abramowicz5.80
Gary Garrison5.61
Otis Taylor5.60
Haven Moses5.29
Dave Parks5.20
Tight Ends
Averaging 6.62 fantasy points per game for 14 games made Ted Kwalick the top Fantasy Tight End of 1972. Statistically, he had 40 receptions for 9 touchdowns and 751 receiving yards. Other top tight end fantasy point producers of 1972 were Raymond Chester with 77.10 fantasy points on 576 receiving yards and 34 receptions and Bob Tucker with 764 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Jerry Smith with 353 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns.Charlie Sanders with 416 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.Jim Mitchell with 470 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Bob Trumpy with 500 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.Willie Frazier with 172 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Billy Masters with 393 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Jackie Smith with 407 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Ted Kwalick6.62
Raymond Chester5.93
Bob Tucker4.91
Jerry Smith4.33
Charlie Sanders3.64
Jim Mitchell3.53
Bob Trumpy3.08
Willie Frazier2.76
Billy Masters2.58
Jackie Smith2.53
The top fantasy kicker of 1972 with 33 field goals and 29 extra points was Chester Marcol. These stats produced a 14 game total of 128.00 fantasy points for an average of 9.14 per game. The other top fantasy point seasons turned in by a kicker were from Bobby Howfield with 27 field goals and 40 extra points for an average of 8.64 points per game and Roy Gerela with 119.00 points on 28 field goals and 35 extra points.Garo Yepremian with 115.00 points on 24 field goals and 43 extra points.Horst Muhlmann with 111.00 points on 27 field goals and 30 extra points.David Ray with 103.00 points on 24 field goals and 31 extra points.Toni Fritsch with 99.00 points on 21 field goals and 36 extra points.Errol Mann with 98.00 points on 20 field goals and 38 extra points.Jim Turner with 97.00 points on 20 field goals and 37 extra points.Fred Cox with 97.00 points on 21 field goals and 34 extra points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Chester Marcol9.14
Bobby Howfield8.64
Roy Gerela8.50
Garo Yepremian8.21
Horst Muhlmann7.93
David Ray7.36
Toni Fritsch7.07
Errol Mann7.00
Jim Turner6.93
Fred Cox6.93
*Fantasy Point Calculation Formula
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