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1962 NFL Season

In 1962 the Green Bay Packers finished with the best record in the league at 13 and 1. Sonny Jurgensen led the league in passing yards with 3,261, Jim Taylor led the league in rushing yards with 1,474 and Bobby Mitchell lead the league in receiving yards with 1,384. The top fantasy point producers for the season were George Blanda with 21.65 points per game, Y.A. Tittle with 20.21 points per game and Len Dawson with 19.15 points per game.
1962 Top Fantasy Players by Position
George Blanda was the top Fantasy Quarterback of 1962. He produced 303.10 fantasy points in 14 games for an average of 21.65 points a game. Statistically, he had 197 pass completions for 2,810 yards and 27 touchdowns. Other top Fantasy qbs were Y.A. Tittle with 3,224 passing yards and 33 td passes and Len Dawson with 2,759 yards passing and 29 td tosses.Billy Wade with 3,172 yards passing and 18 td tosses.Charley Johnson with 2,440 yards passing and 16 td tosses.Babe Parilli with 1,988 yards passing and 18 td tosses.Sonny Jurgensen with 3,261 yards passing and 22 td tosses.Fran Tarkenton with 2,595 yards passing and 22 td tosses.Norm Snead with 2,926 yards passing and 22 td tosses.Johnny Unitas with 2,967 yards passing and 23 td tosses.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
George Blanda21.65
Y.A. Tittle20.21
Len Dawson19.15
Billy Wade18.37
Charley Johnson18.35
Babe Parilli18.23
Sonny Jurgensen17.53
Fran Tarkenton17.42
Norm Snead16.52
Johnny Unitas16.50
Running Backs
The top fantasy Running Back of 1962 was Jim Taylor. He averaged 19.05 fantasy points per game for 14 games for a total of 266.70 points. He also had 1,474 rushing yards and 19 rushing touchdowns. Some of the other top Fantasy rbs were Cookie Gilchrist with 1,096 rushing yards and 253.55 fantasy points and Abner Haynes with 1,049 yards rushing and 247.55 fantasy points.Jim Brown with 996 yards rushing and 234.85 fantasy points.John David Crow with 751 yards rushing and 201.45 fantasy points.John Henry Johnson with 1,141 yards rushing and 179.40 fantasy points.Timmy Brown with 545 yards rushing and 168.95 fantasy points.Dick Bass with 1,033 yards rushing and 165.50 fantasy points.Charley Tolar with 1,012 yards rushing and 161.75 fantasy points.Amos Marsh with 802 yards rushing and 157.55 fantasy points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Jim Taylor19.05
Cookie Gilchrist18.11
Abner Haynes17.68
Jim Brown16.77
John David Crow14.39
John Henry Johnson12.81
Timmy Brown12.07
Dick Bass11.82
Charley Tolar11.55
Amos Marsh11.25
Wide Receivers
Gino Cappelletti was the top Fantasy Wide Receiver of 1962 with 34 receptions for 479 yards and 5 touchdowns. These numbers produced a total of 151.45 fantasy points for an average of 10.82 points per game. The other top wide receiver fantasy point producers were Chris Burford with 645 receiving yards on 45 receptions for 105.55 fantasy points and Tommy McDonald with 1,146 yards receiving on 58 catches.Jimmy Orr with 974 yards receiving on 55 catches.Jim Colclough with 868 yards receiving on 40 catches.Art Powell with 1,130 yards receiving on 64 catches.Don Maynard with 1,041 yards receiving on 56 catches.Sonny Randle with 1,158 yards receiving on 63 catches.Gail Cogdill with 991 yards receiving on 53 catches.Charley Hennigan with 867 yards receiving on 54 catches.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Gino Cappelletti10.82
Chris Burford9.60
Tommy McDonald8.63
Jimmy Orr8.29
Jim Colclough7.49
Art Powell7.46
Don Maynard7.15
Sonny Randle7.14
Gail Cogdill6.55
Charley Hennigan6.53
Tight Ends
Averaging 6.36 fantasy points per game for 14 games made Curtis McClinton the top Fantasy Tight End of 1962. Statistically, he had 29 receptions for 0 touchdowns and 333 receiving yards. Other top tight end fantasy point producers of 1962 were Pete Retzlaff with 47.20 fantasy points on 584 receiving yards and 30 receptions and Mike Ditka with 904 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.Ron Kramer with 555 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns.Bob McLeod with 578 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns.Fred Arbanas with 469 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns.Dave Kocourek with 688 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Taz Anderson with 535 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.Dee Mackey with 396 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.Bill Anderson with 386 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Curtis McClinton6.36
Pete Retzlaff5.90
Mike Ditka5.37
Ron Kramer4.95
Bob McLeod4.64
Fred Arbanas4.25
Dave Kocourek4.17
Taz Anderson3.20
Dee Mackey3.13
Bill Anderson2.61
The top fantasy kicker of 1962 with 27 field goals and 32 extra points was Gene Mingo. These stats produced a 14 game total of 171.95 fantasy points for an average of 12.28 per game. The other top fantasy point seasons turned in by a kicker were from Don Chandler with 19 field goals and 47 extra points for an average of 7.35 points per game and Keith Lincoln with 100.25 points on 0 field goals and 0 extra points.Tommy Brooker with 93.90 points on 12 field goals and 33 extra points.Bobby Joe Conrad with 71.70 points on 0 field goals and 0 extra points.Bill Shockley with 68.00 points on 13 field goals and 29 extra points.Tommy Davis with 66.00 points on 10 field goals and 36 extra points.Jim Christopherson with 61.00 points on 11 field goals and 28 extra points.Ben Agajanian with 25.00 points on 5 field goals and 10 extra points.Danny Villanueva with 56.00 points on 10 field goals and 26 extra points.
PlayerFantasy Pts Avg
Gene Mingo12.28
Don Chandler7.35
Keith Lincoln7.16
Tommy Brooker6.71
Bobby Joe Conrad5.12
Bill Shockley4.86
Tommy Davis4.71
Jim Christopherson4.36
Ben Agajanian4.17
Danny Villanueva4.00
*Fantasy Point Calculation Formula
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