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June 23, 2010

Sigmund from answered some of our questions about Ben Roethlisberger, tools and features, sleeper picks, fantasy advice and more.

Can you tell us how you first got interested in fantasy football, and what your involvement is with it these days?
I've always loved football, but fantasy football really became a big part of my life when I got an office job in 2000 and joined my first office league. Today, I work full-time from July-January doing various things for and stay involved with the site in the offseason;

You have been playing fantasy football for over 10 years. What is the best sleeper player you have ever identified and hit on?
I was convinced Brandon Marshall was the steal of the draft in 2006 and told anyone who would listen (including Adam Schefter at the draft in Radio City). In 2007, he was on every one of my teams and the rest is history.

You say your favorite Football Guys features is 'Drinen's statistics oracle'. Can you tell us about it and what it is?
Our staff member Doug Drinen is the founder of, the only place to go for stats. Right now you can check out his Data Dominator at footballguys for free (through July 15) - - basically you can query any thing you want from the body of football stats. If you can think of the question, the Data Dominator can answer it. There's also a Game Log Dominator.

Since you are a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, tell us how you think their quarterback prospects look for this year. At what point in the draft should people think about drafting Big Ben?
I would say around QB15-QB17, probably the 9th or 10th round in 12 team leagues. The Steelers will go back to a more balanced offense concentrating on running the football with more effectiveness than in recent years. Roethlisberger is still the team's QB for the long haul as long as he flies right, but they are at the end of their patience with him. There was a rumor that he would have been released if charges had been pressed in Georgia. Byron Leftwich will start the first 4-6 games and he should be fine - he was a member of their last Super Bowl team.

How often do you host 'The Audible' radio show? Is the frequency of the show the same in and out of season?
We do one live show a week during the offseason, and cover the draft beat through May. During the season, we record just about every day, and sometimes multiple times in a day. We usually average close to a show a day (~300+ in a year) when all is said and done.

Is there new information added to the Draft Guys site throughout the season, or is it mostly updated just during the months leading up to the NFL draft?
Draft Guys is dormant during the summer, but info starts to trickle in during the NFL regular season and then reaches a crescendo during the draft season.

I like the daily Fantasy Football Email feature on Football Guys. It is a great way to keep up with the latest in the fantasy industry. What information does it typically cover?
Anything that could affect your fantasy football team.

There are some great free tools on the Football Guys site such as the 'Game Log Dominator' and 'Data Dominator', but they are only accessible for free until July 15th. After that date you need a premium subscription to access them. Can you tell us what other benefits come with a premium subscription?
It would take too long. We have the best dynasty coverage, the best IDP coverage, two set of offensive projections every week, dozens of weekly articles and cheatsheets, everything your team will need to win your league, and everything you'll need to maximize your enjoyment of fantasy football. When you become a footballguys insider, you get access to dozens of staff members minds.

Is there certain fantasy advice you can share that has helped you to be successful over the years?
Take players you believe in and don't overreact to week 1, or even the month of September.

Can you give us one sleeper and one potential bust player you are projecting for 2010?
I'm trying to get one or both of Tampa rookie wideouts (Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams) on all of my teams. One of them should become the apple of Josh Freeman's eye and he's not afraid to force the ball to a covered receiver. I am staying away from Matt Forte. When a team goes out and throws 8 million guaranteed dollars at a 30-year old RB that usually means they are going to use him (Chester Taylor) a lot.

I love the World Cup, it is one of my favorite sporting events. You appear to be a big soccer fan also. Do you have a dark horse team you think can take it all?
Whoever ends up winning group A today (Mexico or Uruguay) will have an easy route to the semifinals, and once you get that far, anything can happen. I would love to see the Tricolores of Mexico make a run deep into the knockout round.

How can people keep up with everything you are doing?
My twitter feed is @SigmundBloom and you can subscribe to the Audible in iTunes. People can also feel free to friend me on facebook, but I try to keep my fantasy football content there to a minimum and be more personal on that site.

Thanks for your time Sigmund.