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The Fantasy Exchange The Fantasy Exchange
June 19, 2010

Joe from The Fantasy Exchange answered some questions about their radio show, projectsion, potential sleepers, busts and more.

Can you tell us about yourself, and how you got interested in the fantasy industry?
I am a musician by trade and I have been playing fantasy football since the late 90s. I stopped playing real football in high school, but I still remained very passionate about college football and the NFL. I had spent many years haunting a variety of message boards, but I decided to put myself out there and apply to a few different web sites around 2006. After a few years writing for other web-sites, I really put all of my focus on doing a weekly fantasy football radio show and the website started as an add on to the show.

Tell us a little bit about your radio show. How often do you do it, and what do you cover?
As a fantasy football addict I'm always on the prowl for new information and I've been on local radio as well as other shows nationally, so after getting a lot of good feedback I decided to start up my own radio show in December of 2008. "The Fantasy Exchange" starts at 9:00 pm EST every single Wednesday Night. The Fantasy Exchange is ALL Fantasy Football Talk and it features the latest NFL News, Fantasy Football Player breakdowns, LIVE Advice on the show, and an interactive chat-room for the audience to post questions/comments. My co-host, Jim Day, and I talk everything NFL every single Wednesday at 9:00 pm EST.

I love how you guys open up your rankings for criticism and discussion. Do you get a lot of feedback on them?
Each week on our show is always an adventure because we put ourselves out there 100% of the time and our audience is not afraid to call us out when they disagree. I always invite feedback because it's the best way to improve and understand what readers and listeners actually want to see. Our latest update to offers a much more user-friendly method of posting comments and interaction to truly make the site an "Exchange".

Some of the biggest surprises in your rankings have to be with the Quarterbacks (Kevin Kolb #4 and Matthew Stafford #10). Can you explain what led you to rank these players this high?
KOLB - This could be one of my more epic bad calls or another example that fantasy stats don't always equate to the win/loss column. I think that Philadelphia's offense is built for a passer like Kolb. He has an excellent release and great touch on his passes, making him ideal for the timing based routes of Andy Reid's playbook. The Eagles also boast a very young but talented receiver corps that Kolb has been working with for two full off-seasons now. I will be shocked if Kevin Kolb does not finish well within the top-10 this year. I don't expect the Eagles to finish above .500%, but Kolb will certainly rack up a lot of passing yards trying to get the team there.

STAFFORD - I came away very impressed with what I saw from Stafford in 2009. I saw a rookie get abused and taken advantage of, but I never once saw him back down and the kid made some impressive plays along the way. He has a true gunslinger mentality and he also possesses the arm to match. The Lions aren't that far off as a supporting cast either with the acquisitions of TE Tony Scheffler, WR Nate Burleson, and drafting the explosive Jahvid Best out of Cal. There's also that fella by the name of Calvin Johnson who may have only been "quasi-mega" dealing with an injured knee. While Detroit may still be a few years away from the playoffs, they're going to be airing it out this season playing catch-up from behind. You can expect some very big games from Stafford this season.

What is your 'NFL Target-Tracker' tool and how does it work?
The Target Tracker is one of our Free Tools that displays exactly how many targets each player gets at each position. We're setup for 2010 stats to be loaded so once the games start, the tracker will automatically begin displaying the leaders for each position. It's a nice add-on for researching free agents and it's brought in part by on of our sponsors

After looking at your 2011 NFL Mock Draft you have Indy and Dallas drafting last, which would be the 2011 Super Bowl matchup. So tell us who do you see winning that game?
I have always been passionate about the NFL Draft and that passion has taken over the last year with my latest venture, which is a site totally dedicated to the NFL Draft and all collegiate prospects. While most folks will say it's way too early to do a 2011 NFL Mock Draft in the middle of May, but I'm way too obsessed not to do a mock draft. I do have Dallas and Indianapolis in the big game this season, but I see the Cowboys winning that game with the advantage in the running game and the playmaker they just drafted. I am a huge fan of Dez Bryant and I see him being a difference maker in his first year. Not only that, but the Cowboys still have a very stout defense that knows how to get to the passer w/ guys like DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, and look out for rookie Sean Lee who Dallas is also VERY high on.

Do you prefer covering the game in the off season or in season, and why?
I would have to begrudgingly say the Off-Season because the NFL Draft is still my favorite time of year outside of the Super Bowl and opening day for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team, but I consider covering the NFL to be year round. It is truly a league that never sleeps and is ever changing, so you have to be watching at all times to remain intimate with the latest news. While the off-season may be devoid of action, it's still a crucial part to covering fantasy football and the NFL.

Do you ever get burned out talking football year round?
Never. It's the greatest game ever invented. I enjoy other sports, but nothing comes close to college football or the NFL and I usually can't help but talk about football year-round. Even if I didn't have a weekly radio show, I would still find a way to talk fantasy football. It's not just a hobby, it's a life-style.

Who are your early sleeper picks at this point?
Donald Brown - He's coming at a terrific value this season after a very forgettable rookie year that saw Joseph Addai get a lot of the carries and even more of the redzone action. I expect that to change in a drastic way this year, as the Colts are very high on Brown as an inside runner. I look for more carries, receptions, and goal-line action.

Larry Johnson - This guy has had a terrible end to his career as a Chief, but he showed some brief flashes of his old self after the Bengals picked him up last year. Mike Shanahan has always liked Johnson, coaching against him, and now has the opportunity to unleash the beast. I see Portis and the rest of the retreads in Washington take a back-seat to LJ and watch him rumble for yards all year long.

Lance Moore - I know, he really doesn't qualify as a sleeper, but people are now looking elsewhere after Moore played most of last season injured. In 2010 the tables have turned. Devery Henderson is missing a lot of off-season time rehabilitating from hernia surgery, while Robert Meachem is still recuperating from toe surgery and has yet to be cleared to run. Meanwhile Lance Moore is back at 100% and having a great camp. I look for Moore to have a big year in 2010 and be that PPR machine we remember form the 2008 season when he had 79 receptions for 10 TDs.

How about your possible bust picks?
Mark Sanchez - While the Jets may have gone all the way to the AFC Championship game, it was their suffocating defense and tremendous running game that got them there. I look at Sanchez and I see a very limited passer who needs to be surrounded with talent to create, but even then I don't see the Jets putting up a lot of passing attempts. They do their best to force the run and play a controlled type of game with their physical mentality. With that kind of offensive philosophy, I just don't see Sanchez putting up big numbers this season or any other season.

Jamaal Charles - I know he had a tremendous season last year, but I just don't see him repeating and I expect Thomas Jones to take up a lot of carries from Charles. They wouldn't have brought Jones in if they were completely sold on Charles being the man, so I think Charles is very overrated going into 2010 and will let a lot of fantasy owners down.

Owen Daniels - I really like Daniels and I've had him on numerous teams over, but this is now the third time he's torn his ACL. I'm not so sure that he can make a full recovery and past that, the Texans went out and drafted more TEs to go along w/ James Casey who looked good in brief action last season. All in all, I'm just not going to be taking the risk w/ Daniels considering how deep this year's TE class should be.

Is there any fantasy advice you have discovered that has given you an edge?
Always be on the lookout for other opinions. Chances are, you will find out some very useful information or at least a differing perspective that you can build from. Another thing is to continually tweak your rankings. No, it's not fun to move a bunch of names around when there's no football being played but come draft time, you'll be very glad you did.

How can people learn about your latest radio shows and all of your rankings? is the best way to check up on my rankings, the latest info in the NFL, and my show. You can play all of my shows directly from the website and you can also access it through itunes, just search The Fantasy Exchange. We're live every single week on the Fantasy Sports Channel ( Wednesday at 9:00pm. I'm also on twitter @FantasyExchange.

Thanks so much for your time Joe. I encourage every one to check out their radio show. I find their insight and explanation as to why they rank certain players the way they do, and why they think certain players could be potential sleepers or busts to be some of the most thorough explanations out there. Besides having detailed explanations they also put themselves out there for you to question and and debate with them why they project players the way they do.