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May 28, 2010

Lenny from Draft Sharks gave us some fantasy advice and answered a few of our questions about all of the great info available on their site.

You just redesigned your site and it looks good. Did the website redesign go smoothly?
Yes, it did. It took a lot of planning, a lot of talking with subscribers, and a lot of time spent walking the developers through the process -- but in the end, we think the site is top-notch.

Are there any new features on your website that were not available before the redesign?
A lot of what we did was to improve many of the existing features, but, yeah we added a few new things. There is a new Team Huddle feature that allows you to track all the fantasy football news and content as it relates to your players. We now also have a unique Injury Tracker that we update Sunday mornings just before kickoffs. Generally, the website is much more user friendly and has more robust features.

Some people might think from your website domain name that you focus mainly on fantasy drafts, but do you provide fantasy information and data throughout the season as well?
Absolutely. When we first started Draftsharks.com in 1999, our focus was only on the draft for that first year. We were so successful that our readership asked us to do a full-year service, and so we have done that since 2000.

You have an impressive history, including helping two grand prize winners in the World Championship of Fantasy Football. Can you tell us about the experiences of working with those champions?
As one of the two co-founders of the WCOFF, I can tell you the whole experience of running the event PLUS having a Draftsharks.com subscriber win was phenomenal.

Are there any tips or advice you could pass on that you learned from the winners of the World Championship of Fantasy Football?
Draft defenses and kickers with your final picks. Do NOT be the guy who drafts the first-ranked defense in the 12th round. There is too much value at the other positions. Also, wait till the middle rounds to draft your starting QB.

You put a cap on the amount of subscribers to your Draft Sharks Community. Can you explain why you do this, and are their subscriptions still available at this time or are you sold out?
Look around at all the mega-sites and corporate fantasy football sites. How many guys are all reading off the same cheatsheets? How many guys are all taking the same fantasy football advice? It seems to me a disservice to your readers if you're just trying to get millions of people to come to your site, or if you want to write information by the pound. If you want to help everyone, in the end, you're helping no one. Yes, we still have not reached our cap for 2010.

Can you explain what the extra benefits are of being a member that you do not get otherwise?
Basically, you get to access the brain trust of Draftsharks.com. Our fantasy football player rankings, cheatsheets, ADP analysis, fantasy tips, exclusive articles, our take on the latest NFL news -- really too much stuff to list.

How are your fantasy projections and rankings different from other fantasy sites?
We take the approach that most guys who ranked in the top-10 at each position last year, will NOT be in the top-10 THIS year. The reason is simple. Historically, you can show that most guys don't finish in the top-10 two years in a row. Our job is to think outside the box and come up with daring (but correct) player rankings. I always tell our writers: "Last year's stats do not equal this year's projections." It's a formula that has served us and our readers well.

You appear to have a pretty active forum. Do all of your writers spend time in the forum interacting with users?
Yes, they give some personal fantasy advice on the forums. That's another benefit of being a member.

How does your 'Player/Trade Advice' service work, and how can someone access it?
Simple -- just click on the Trade Advice form and fill it out. One of our editors will get back to you in a few hours with personalized trade advice.

Which rookies do you think might be a sleeper in the upcoming season?
If Dez Bryant can keep his head on straight, he has a ton of talent and plays on a great offense. I also like Ben Tate's chances of taking over the starting RB job in Houston.

Is there any advice you would give to seasoned fantasy players that are looking for an edge?
Study hard and always think outside the box in your player rankings. If you follow the conventional wisdom on most players, you're bound to lose.

What resources do you use to keep up with the latest in the fantasy industry?
I go to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference once a year, and I'm also on the Board of the Fantasy Writers Association.

How can fantasy players learn more about what you are doing, and all of the tools and services you offer?
Simple. Click on draftsharks.com and take a look at our shark bites articles. I also encourage people to sign up for our free fantasy football email updates. Tons of free fantasy football news put out every day.

Thanks again for your time Lenny. I would encourage everyone to check out all of the great resources available in the Draft Sharks community.