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NFL Weather Interview And Expert Advice

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September 13, 2010

Rick from recently answered a few of our questions about the weather data they provide, how you can use it on your site and how it impacts fantasy football.

How did you first get involved in the fantasy industry?
A former college player and Professional Kicking Services instructor, I was an early adopter when friends roped me in to a fantasy football league a decade ago. I was reluctant then; now I manage the league.

So I would guess you are an avid fantasy football player?
I try to contain the time I put into it. I created to help fantasy footballers save time when selecting their starting line-ups.

Tell us a little about the services offers? is the only place to receive every weather forecast for every NFL football game on one page. Unlike other weather reports, provides accurate micro-forecasts for each stadium.

Fantasy footballers can use NFLweather to pick the starting quarterback for their fantasy football teams. Season ticket holders and NFL fans can receive game day intelligence before placing a bet or to decide what to wear before attending a game. was built by fans for fans: that means no annoying pop-up ads, thrash music, effects or flash videos. Just accurate weather forecasts for NFL games that you want the way you want them.

How often is the weather information updated on your site? updates the game day forecast every 30 minutes.

Fantasy Footballers and NFL fans can also download the Toolbar located at the top of the home page. The toolbar which installs into Mozilla Firefox includes a live NFL news feed with the latest roster changes and transactions, NFLWeather forecasts, scores and schedules. It's a great resource to add to your browser.

Where do you get your weather data from?
We combine a government feed and data with GPS information.

How far back does your archived football weather data go?
2009 was the first season for All of the match-ups, weather reports and scores are archived and easily accessed by the fans.

Tell us about the different widgets you offer? Are they easy for the average webmaster to install? offers free "weather widgets" for every single NFL game as well as a single weather widget for each week that contains all of the NFL games. Fan sites can also grab the team widgets which will display all of the games, scores and forecasts for any one team.

For a webmaster, adding a widget to a website is as easy as copy and paste. Just go to the bottom of the page and copy the widget code. Then, add that code to the HTML of an existing web page. For bloggers, its just as easy, copy the widget code, add it to your blog post and hit publish. Immediately, you will have added game day forecasts and schedules to support the unique content on your blog or website.

How do you think the weather should influence someone picking their weekly fantasy lineup?
Weather is a huge factor in all aspects of the game. Checking the forecast before selecting your starters can be the difference between a fantasy win and a fantasy loss. Some quarterbacks perform far better in the rain or snow than others. Some teams prefer to run it down the middle more in the mud.

Furthermore, be careful starting players that are coming off of ankle injuries as they will not have the same sure footing that they will have on dry ground. Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew are franchise running backs but you might want to start Adrian Peterson, Marion Barber or Frank Gore on a rainy day. Furthermore, when I was playing, we used to refer to Candlestick Park as "Candle Lake". It's not a place where you would want to kick in wet weather.

Is there any fantasy advice you can pass on that has allowed you to be successful?
I like to play the match-up. Rather than always start the big money names, I prefer to find the mismatches to exploit. (This past decade that has pretty much meant start anyone playing against the lions).

I then consider the weather conditions. Peyton Manning is hard to beat in a dome but I'll take Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers outside on any given Sunday. I also avoid the Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville kickers, especially during hurricane season.

What fantasy resources do you use to keep current with the latest fantasy information?
Our league currently uses Yahoo Fantasy Football for league management. After league management, my most frequently viewed site is of course. After that, it is ESPN's NFL Match-Up with Merrill Hoge and Steve Jaworski.

How can people keep up to date with any new features or services you are offering?
We will be adding a few new widget options to this year. Every page on is equipped with an RSS feed and viral buttons such as facebook and twitter.

Thanks for your time Rick. I would encourage every one to check out to learn the weather forecast before you select your next lineup so you can get that extra edge.