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July 19, 2010

The guys from recently told us about their fantasy logo and team name generators on their site and how you can get a custom logo designed for your fantasy team.

You guys offer some really cool tools and services for fantasy players. How did you first get involved in the fantasy industry and what gave you the idea to offer these services?
I had been playing in fantasy leagues for about 10 years and most of the leagues I was in were with close friends and one in particular liked to change his team name to something funny every week. To go along with this funny team name he would add a new image. Most of the time he found them on the web but always complained that they were not really what he was looking for. Boom, was born.

Let's discuss some of your specific services: Can you tell us a little about each of the following?
Fantasy Sports Logos - approximately how many different logo templates do you have to choose from and how long does it take to create one?
We have over 400 logos with 90%+ being unique. We base most of our logos on current trends, sayings, pop culture and the latest buzz in the sports world. It takes us about 20 minutes on average to create one of our logos. From there you can use our custom logo builder to add your own team name right on your logo!

Do you design custom fantasy logos?
We offer free custom fantasy logos to anyone that wants one. We only ask that they tell their buddies and give us a shout out (via Twitter, blogs, websites, etc)

I love the Fantasy Team Name generator. Does the generator provide names previously used in other fantasy leagues, or are all of the team names new and they have never been used before?
Best I can tell, our names are unique. We have hundreds of possible team name combination's to choose from.

Can you tell us a little about your fantasy sports advice? What type of advice is offered and how does someone make a request for it?
That is a part of the website that honestly has been neglected. Most of us at have day jobs and trying to keep up with custom logo requests occupies most of our free time. We are always looking to provide a forum for aspiring bloggers and have been the launching pad for some of the best bloggers in the Fantasy Sports field. We get a lot of advice requests via and try to respond when we can.

What are some of the best 'clean' fantasy team names you have seen?
Some of our fav's are: Favre Dollar Footlong, Sons of Pitches, WD Forte, Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe and of course any name our generator spits out! We even have some free fantasy logos to go with these team names.

So be honest with us, the real secret to winning your fantasy league is having the best fantasy team name and logo, right?
Bingo! We would also suggest you keep your team names and logos fresh. Unless you have gone undefeated through an entire season with a single team name and/or logo, why not try a new one for some good luck? It cannot hurt and will make your league more entertaining!

Is there any fantasy advice you have learned over the years that has helped you to be successful?
Trust your gut, never second guess yourself and take fantasy advice with a grain of salt. After all, no one person knows everything about anything and fantasy sports is no different.

How can people keep up with you and your latest offerings, services and advice?
First and foremost is our website: You can also get updated with great advice, fantasy sports news and new logos at

Thanks again for your time. If anyone needs a logo or name for their fantasy team they should check out