2017 Fantasy Sleeper And Breakout Quarterbacks  
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2017 Fantasy Sleeper And Breakout Quarterbacks

Everyone wants to try and find the fantasy sleepers for the coming year. Many analysts and experts come out with sleeper picks and predictions for which players will have a breakout year. These players can be the difference between winning or losing your fantasy league, because they are usually drafted in lower rounds or picked up as a free agent because they are not household names when the season starts. If you can identify which players will have a breakout season then you can use a late round pick to select them, so the risk is usually minimal.

Below are the projected 2017 Fantasy Quarterback Sleepers, which have the largest projected increase in fantasy points for the upcoming season compared to last season. Players are also listed who have moved up the depth chart from being a backup to now being a starter so their playing time should increase and thus they could be a potential fantasy sleeper.

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2017 Fantasy Quarterbacks Sleepers & Breakout Players
   Player    Team 2017 Total Fantasy Points Projection 2016 Total Fantasy Points
   1. Tom Savage [+]    Houston Texans 129.48 24.25
   2. Matt Cassel [+]    Tennessee Titans 73.10 20.50