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1988 Draft

1988 NFL Draft & Order

The 1988 NFL Draft consisted of 12 rounds with a total of 333 players drafted. The top pick was Aundray Bruce out of Auburn drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Of the 27 players selected in the first round 17 played offense and 10 played defense. Arizona state, Oklahoma, Miami (fla.) and Tennessee had the most players selected in the first round of the 1988 draft with 2. Some of the top drafted players were Stan Humphries (drafted by the Washington Redskins in Round 6), Chris Chandler (drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in Round 3), Thurman Thomas (drafted by the Buffalo Bills in Round 2), Ickey Woods (drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in Round 2) and Sterling Sharpe (drafted by the Green Bay Packers in Round 1). View all of the players selected in the 1988 NFL Draft round by round.
1988 NFL Draft
Round 1
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
1 Aundray Bruce TE Auburn Atlanta Falcons
2 Neil Smith DL Nebraska Kansas City Chiefs
3 Bennie Blades DB Miami (Fla.) Detroit Lions
4 Paul Gruber OL Wisconsin Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5 Rickey Dixon DB Oklahoma Cincinnati Bengals
6 Tim Brown WR Notre Dame Los Angeles Raiders
7 Sterling Sharpe WR South Carolina Green Bay Packers
8 Dave Cadigan OL USC New York Jets
9 Terry McDaniel DB Tennessee Los Angeles Raiders
10 Eric Moore OL Indiana New York Giants
11 Michael Irvin WR Miami (Fla.) Dallas Cowboys
12 Ken Harvey LB California Phoenix Cardinals
13 Keith Jackson TE Oklahoma Philadelphia Eagles
14 Gaston Green RB UCLA Los Angeles Rams
15 Anthony Miller WR Tennessee San Diego Chargers
16 Eric Kumerow LB Ohio State Miami Dolphins
17 John Stephens RB Northwestern State-Louisiana New England Patriots
18 Aaron Jones LB Eastern Kentucky Pittsburgh Steelers
19 Randall McDaniel OL Arizona State Minnesota Vikings
20 Aaron Cox WR Arizona State Los Angeles Rams
21 Clifford Charlton LB Florida Cleveland Browns
22 Lorenzo White RB Michigan State Houston Oilers
23 Brad Muster RB Stanford Chicago Bears
24 Craig Heyward RB Pittsburgh New Orleans Saints
25 Scott Davis LB Illinois Los Angeles Raiders
26 Ted Gregory DL Syracuse Denver Broncos
27 Wendell Davis WR Louisiana State Chicago Bears
Round 2
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
28 Marcus Cotton LB USC Atlanta Falcons
29 Chris Spielman LB Ohio State Detroit Lions
30 Eric Allen DB Arizona State Philadelphia Eagles
31 Ickey Woods RB Nevada-Las Vegas Cincinnati Bengals
32 Pat Carter TE Florida State Detroit Lions
33 Danny Stubbs LB Miami (Fla.) San Francisco 49ers
34 Shawn Patterson DL Arizona State Green Bay Packers
35 Anthony Newman DB Oregon Los Angeles Rams
36 Jumbo Elliott OL Michigan New York Giants
37 Terry Williams DB Bethune-Cookman New York Jets
38 Tony Jeffery RB Texas Christian Phoenix Cardinals
39 Pierce Holt DL Angelo State San Francisco 49ers
40 Thurman Thomas RB Oklahoma State Buffalo Bills
41 Ken Norton LB UCLA Dallas Cowboys
42 Jarvis Williams DB Florida Miami Dolphins
43 Vincent Brown LB Mississippi Valley State New England Patriots
44 Dermontti Dawson OL Kentucky Pittsburgh Steelers
45 Gerald Perry OL Southern University Denver Broncos
46 Flipper Anderson WR UCLA Los Angeles Rams
47 Fred Strickland LB Purdue Los Angeles Rams
48 Quintin Jones DB Pittsburgh Houston Oilers
49 Brian Blades WR Miami (Fla.) Seattle Seahawks
50 Michael Dean Perry DL Clemson Cleveland Browns
51 Dante Jones LB Oklahoma Chicago Bears
52 Brett Perriman WR Miami (Fla.) New Orleans Saints
53 Lars Tate RB Georgia Tampa Bay Buccaneers
54 Brad Edwards DB South Carolina Minnesota Vikings
55 Chip Lohmiller K Minnesota Washington Redskins
Round 3
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
56 Alex Higdon TE Ohio State Atlanta Falcons
57 Kevin Walker LB Maryland Cincinnati Bengals
58 Ray Roundtree WR Penn State Detroit Lions
59 Kevin Porter DB Auburn Kansas City Chiefs
60 Quinn Early WR Iowa San Diego Chargers
61 Keith Woodside RB Texas A&M Green Bay Packers
62 Sheldon White DB Miami (Ohio) New York Giants
63 Erik McMillan DB Missouri New York Jets
64 Matt Patchan Miami (Fla.) Philadelphia Eagles
65 Bernard Ford WR Central Florida Buffalo Bills
66 Mike Oliphant RB Puget Sound Washington Redskins
67 Mark Hutson Oklahoma Dallas Cowboys
68 Tom Tupa QB Ohio State Phoenix Cardinals
69 Tom Rehder OL Notre Dame New England Patriots
70 Chuck Lanza OL Notre Dame Pittsburgh Steelers
71 Al Noga DL Hawaii Minnesota Vikings
72 Greg Montgomery P Michigan State Houston Oilers
73 Ferrell Edmunds TE Maryland Miami Dolphins
74 James Hasty DB Washington State New York Jets
75 Tommy Kane WR Syracuse Seattle Seahawks
76 Chris Chandler QB Washington Indianapolis Colts
77 Van Waiters LB Indiana Cleveland Browns
78 Ralph Jarvis DL Temple Chicago Bears
79 Kevin Guidry DB Louisiana State Denver Broncos
80 Bill Romanowski LB Boston College San Francisco 49ers
81 Tony Stephens Clemson New Orleans Saints
82 Mike Piel DL Illinois Los Angeles Rams
Round 4
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
83 Robert Goff DL Auburn Tampa Bay Buccaneers
84 David Grant DL West Virginia Cincinnati Bengals
85 William White DB Ohio State Detroit Lions
86 John Bruhin OL Tennessee Tampa Bay Buccaneers
87 Tim Goad DL North Carolina New England Patriots
88 Rollin Putzier DL Oregon Green Bay Packers
89 Chuck Cecil DB Arizona Green Bay Packers
90 Tim Rother DL Nebraska Los Angeles Raiders
91 Joseph Campbell DL New Mexico State San Diego Chargers
92 Ricky Shaw LB Oklahoma State New York Giants
93 Stacy Searels Auburn San Diego Chargers
94 Dave Widell OL Boston College Dallas Cowboys
95 Michael Brim DB Virginia Union Phoenix Cardinals
96 Johnny Ray Ambrose WR Mississippi Kansas City Chiefs
97 Sammy Martin WR Louisiana State New England Patriots
98 David Richards OL UCLA San Diego Chargers
99 Greg Johnson OL Oklahoma Miami Dolphins
100 Teddy Garcia K Louisiana-Monroe New England Patriots
101 Kevin Harmon RB Iowa Seattle Seahawks
102 Barry Helton P Colorado San Francisco 49ers
103 Anthony Blaylock DB Winston-Salem State Cleveland Browns
104 Michael Ball DB Southern University Indianapolis Colts
105 Jim Thornton TE Cal State-Fullerton Chicago Bears
106 Lydell Carr RB Oklahoma New Orleans Saints
107 Monte Robbins Michigan Tampa Bay Buccaneers
108 Todd Kalis OL Arizona State Minnesota Vikings
109 Jamie Morris RB Michigan Washington Redskins
Round 5
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
110 Charles Dimry DB Nevada-Las Vegas Atlanta Falcons
111 Eric Andolsek OL Louisiana State Detroit Lions
112 Greg Scales TE Wake Forest New Orleans Saints
113 William Howard RB Tennessee Tampa Bay Buccaneers
114 Herb Wester Iowa Cincinnati Bengals
115 Troy Wolkow Minnesota New England Patriots
116 Darrell Reed Oklahoma Green Bay Packers
117 Robert Delpino RB Missouri Los Angeles Rams
118 Jon Carter DL Pittsburgh New York Giants
119 Mike Withycombe OL Fresno State New York Jets
120 Chris Gaines LB Vanderbilt Phoenix Cardinals
121 Darin Jordan DL Northeastern Pittsburgh Steelers
122 Eric Everett DB Texas Tech Philadelphia Eagles
123 Zeke Gadson Pittsburgh Buffalo Bills
124 Darrell Fullington DB Miami (Fla.) Minnesota Vikings
125 Cris Dishman DB Purdue Houston Oilers
126 Rodney Thomas DB Brigham Young Miami Dolphins
127 Carl Mims Sam Houston State Washington Redskins
128 Jerry Reese DL Kentucky Pittsburgh Steelers
129 John Baylor DB Southern Mississippi Indianapolis Colts
130 Chris Verhulst TE Cal State-Chico Houston Oilers
131 Dennis Price DB UCLA Los Angeles Raiders
132 Tony Jordan RB Kansas State Phoenix Cardinals
133 Troy Johnson DL Oklahoma Chicago Bears
134 Keith Taylor DB Illinois New Orleans Saints
135 Kirk Roach Western Carolina Buffalo Bills
136 Corris Ervin Central Florida Denver Broncos
137 James Washington DB UCLA Los Angeles Rams
Round 6
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
138 George Thomas WR Nevada-Las Vegas Atlanta Falcons
139 James Saxon RB San Jose State Kansas City Chiefs
140 Houston Hoover OL Jackson State Atlanta Falcons
141 Paul Jetton OL Texas Cincinnati Bengals
142 Carl Painter RB Hampton Detroit Lions
143 Erwin Grabisna Case Western Reserve Los Angeles Raiders
144 Nate Hill DL Auburn Green Bay Packers
145 David Houle Michigan State New York Giants
146 Paul Frase DL Syracuse New York Jets
147 Keith Jones RB Nebraska Los Angeles Rams
148 Jon Phillips Oklahoma Phoenix Cardinals
149 Don McPherson QB Syracuse Philadelphia Eagles
150 Dan Murray LB East Stroudsburg Buffalo Bills
151 Scott Secules QB Virginia Dallas Cowboys
152 Cedric Figaro LB Notre Dame San Diego Chargers
153 Mel Bratton RB Miami (Fla.) Miami Dolphins
154 Steve Johnson TE Virginia Tech New England Patriots
155 Warren Williams RB Miami (Fla.) Pittsburgh Steelers
156 George Cooper Ohio State Miami Dolphins
157 Kurt Crain Auburn Houston Oilers
158 Roy Hart DL South Carolina Seattle Seahawks
159 Stan Humphries QB Louisiana-Monroe Washington Redskins
160 Rob Sterling Maine Philadelphia Eagles
161 Lemuel Stinson DB Texas Tech Chicago Bears
162 Bob Sims Florida New Orleans Saints
163 Shawn Lee DL North Alabama Tampa Bay Buccaneers
164 Derrick White Oklahoma Minnesota Vikings
165 Jeff Knapton Wyoming Los Angeles Rams
Round 7
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
166 Michael Haynes WR Northern Arizona Atlanta Falcons
167 Kerry Goode RB Alabama Tampa Bay Buccaneers
168 Rich Romer LB Union (N.Y.) Cincinnati Bengals
169 Jeff James Stanford Detroit Lions
170 Troy Stedman LB Washburn Kansas City Chiefs
171 Derrick Crudup DB Oklahoma Los Angeles Raiders
172 Gary Patton Eastern Michigan New York Jets
173 Gary Richard DB Pittsburgh Green Bay Packers
174 Pat Kelly TE Syracuse Denver Broncos
175 Mike Perez QB San Jose State New York Giants
176 Todd White Cal State-Fullerton Philadelphia Eagles
177 Tim Borcky Memphis Buffalo Bills
178 Owen Hooven Oregon State Dallas Cowboys
179 Ernie Jones WR Indiana Phoenix Cardinals
180 Kerwin Bell QB Florida Miami Dolphins
181 Darryl Usher WR Illinois New England Patriots
182 Marc Zeno Tulane Pittsburgh Steelers
183 Brad Beckman TE Nebraska-Omaha Minnesota Vikings
184 Bo Wright Alabama Buffalo Bills
185 Ray Jackson Ohio State Seattle Seahawks
186 Danta Whitaker TE Mississippi Valley State New York Giants
187 Tracey Eaton DB Portland State Houston Oilers
188 Thane Gash DB East Tennessee State Cleveland Browns
189 Caesar Rentie OL Oklahoma Chicago Bears
190 Brian Forde LB Washington State New Orleans Saints
191 Kevin Bryant Delaware State San Francisco 49ers
192 Garry Frank Mississippi State Denver Broncos
193 Harold Hicks San Diego State Washington Redskins
Round 8
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
194 Phillip Brown Alabama Atlanta Falcons
195 Curtis Maxey DL Grambling State Cincinnati Bengals
196 Gary Hadd DL Minnesota Detroit Lions
197 Alfredo Roberts TE Miami (Fla.) Kansas City Chiefs
198 Anthony Simpson East Carolina Tampa Bay Buccaneers
199 Mike Alexander WR Penn State Los Angeles Raiders
200 Patrick Collins RB Oklahoma Green Bay Packers
201 Darryl Franklin Washington Los Angeles Rams
202 Sammy Lilly DB Georgia Tech New York Giants
203 Keith Neubert TE Nebraska New York Jets
204 John Hagy DB Texas Buffalo Bills
205 Mark Higgs RB Kentucky Dallas Cowboys
206 Tim Moore Michigan State Phoenix Cardinals
207 Dave Smith Western Kentucky Philadelphia Eagles
208 David Tate DB Colorado Chicago Bears
209 Mark Nichols Michigan State Pittsburgh Steelers
210 Joe Cain LB Oregon Tech Minnesota Vikings
211 Mike Hinnant TE Temple Pittsburgh Steelers
212 Harry Galbreath OL Tennessee Miami Dolphins
213 Jeff Wright DL Central Missouri State Buffalo Bills
214 David Viaene OL Minnesota-Duluth Houston Oilers
215 Robert Tyler TE South Carolina State Seattle Seahawks
216 J.J. Birden WR Oregon Cleveland Browns
217 Harvey Reed Howard Chicago Bears
218 Glenn Derby OL Wisconsin New Orleans Saints
219 Larry Clarkson Montana San Francisco 49ers
220 Louis Cheek OL Texas A&M Miami Dolphins
221 Darryl McGill Wake Forest Washington Redskins
Round 9
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
222 James Primus RB UCLA Atlanta Falcons
223 Kip Corrington DB Texas A&M Detroit Lions
224 Azizuddin Abdur-Ra'oof Maryland Kansas City Chiefs
225 Reuben Davis DL North Carolina Tampa Bay Buccaneers
226 Brandy Wells Notre Dame Cincinnati Bengals
227 Reggie Ware Auburn Los Angeles Raiders
228 Neal Wilkinson James Madison Green Bay Packers
229 Scott Tabor California Los Angeles Raiders
230 Ralph Tamm OL West Chester New York Jets
231 Pat Foster Montana Los Angeles Rams
232 Brian Bedford California Dallas Cowboys
233 Scott Dill OL Memphis Phoenix Cardinals
234 Todd Irvin Mississippi Detroit Lions
235 Carlton Bailey LB North Carolina Buffalo Bills
236 Gordie Lockbaum Holy Cross Pittsburgh Steelers
237 Paul McGowan Florida State Minnesota Vikings
238 Joey Howard OL Tennessee San Diego Chargers
239 Jeff Cross DL Missouri Miami Dolphins
240 Neil Galbraith Central Oklahoma New England Patriots
241 David Spradlin Texas Christian Houston Oilers
242 Deatrich Wise Jackson State Seattle Seahawks
243 Jeff Herrod LB Mississippi Indianapolis Colts
244 Danny Copeland DB Eastern Kentucky Cleveland Browns
245 Rogie Magee Louisiana State Chicago Bears
246 Clarence Nunn San Diego State New Orleans Saints
247 Brian Bonner LB Minnesota San Francisco 49ers
248 Mel Farr RB UCLA Denver Broncos
249 Blake Peterson Mesa State Washington Redskins
Round 10
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
250 Stan Clayton OL Penn State Atlanta Falcons
251 Kenny Gamble DB Colgate Kansas City Chiefs
252 John Jackson OL Eastern Kentucky Pittsburgh Steelers
253 Ellis Dillahunt DB East Carolina Cincinnati Bengals
254 Paco Craig WR UCLA Detroit Lions
255 Newt Harrell West Texas A&M Los Angeles Raiders
256 Bud Keyes Wisconsin Green Bay Packers
257 John Booty DB Texas Christian New York Jets
258 R.C. Mullin Louisiana-Lafayette Los Angeles Rams
259 Eric Hickerson Indiana New York Giants
260 Andy Schillinger WR Miami (Ohio) Phoenix Cardinals
261 Joe Schuster Iowa Philadelphia Eagles
262 Martin Mayhew DB Florida State Buffalo Bills
263 Billy Owens DB Pittsburgh Dallas Cowboys
264 Brian Habib OL Washington Minnesota Vikings
265 Steve Wilkes Appalachian State New York Giants
266 Artis Jackson Texas Tech Miami Dolphins
267 Rodney Lossow Wisconsin New England Patriots
268 Channing Williams Arizona State Denver Broncos
269 Derwin Jones Miami (Fla.) Seattle Seahawks
270 O'Brien Alston LB Maryland Indianapolis Colts
271 Marco Johnson Hawaii Houston Oilers
272 Brian Washington DB Nebraska Cleveland Browns
273 Joel Porter Baylor Chicago Bears
274 Todd Santos QB San Diego State New Orleans Saints
275 Tim Foley Georgia Southern San Francisco 49ers
276 Vincent Fizer Southern University New Orleans Saints
277 Henry Brown Ohio State Washington Redskins
Round 11
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
278 James Milling WR Maryland Atlanta Falcons
279 Frank Pillow WR Tennessee State Tampa Bay Buccaneers
280 Paul Hickert Murray State Cincinnati Bengals
281 Danny McCoin Cincinnati Detroit Lions
282 Danny McManus QB Florida State Kansas City Chiefs
283 David Weber Carroll (Wis.) Los Angeles Raiders
284 Rick McLeod Washington Seattle Seahawks
285 Ed Miller Pittsburgh San Diego Chargers
286 Greg Harris Troy New York Giants
287 John Galvin LB Boston College New York Jets
288 Izel Jenkins DB North Carolina State Philadelphia Eagles
289 Pete Curkendall Penn State Buffalo Bills
290 Chad Hennings DL Air Force Dallas Cowboys
291 Keith McCoy Fresno State Phoenix Cardinals
292 Tom Kelleher Holy Cross Miami Dolphins
293 George Hinkle DL Arizona San Diego Chargers
294 Marvin Allen RB Tulane New England Patriots
295 Bobby Dawson Illinois Pittsburgh Steelers
296 Norman Floyd South Carolina Minnesota Vikings
297 Donnie Dee TE Tulsa Indianapolis Colts
298 Jethro Franklin DL Fresno State Houston Oilers
299 Dwayne Harper DB South Carolina State Seattle Seahawks
300 Hendley Hawkins Nebraska Cleveland Browns
301 Steve Forch Nebraska Chicago Bears
302 Gary Couch Minnesota New Orleans Saints
303 Chet Brooks DB Texas A&M San Francisco 49ers
304 Richard Calvin Washington State Denver Broncos
305 Curt Koch Colorado Washington Redskins
Round 12
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
306 Carter Wiley Virginia Tech Atlanta Falcons
307 Carl Parker WR Vanderbilt Cincinnati Bengals
308 Aatron Kenney Wis.-Stevens Point Indianapolis Colts
309 John Driscoll New Hampshire Buffalo Bills
310 Victor Jones LB Virginia Tech Tampa Bay Buccaneers
311 Greg Kunkel Kentucky Los Angeles Raiders
312 Scott Bolton WR Auburn Green Bay Packers
313 David Futrell Brigham Young New York Giants
314 Albert Goss Jackson State New York Jets
315 Wayne Ross San Diego State Washington Redskins
316 Tom Erlandson LB Washington Buffalo Bills
317 Ben Hummel UCLA Dallas Cowboys
318 Chris Carrier Louisiana State Phoenix Cardinals
319 Steve Kaufusi DL Brigham Young Philadelphia Eagles
320 Brian Kinchen OL Louisiana State Miami Dolphins
321 Dave Nugent Boston College New England Patriots
322 James Earle Clemson Pittsburgh Steelers
323 Brendan McCormack South Carolina New York Giants
324 Wendell Phillips North Alabama San Diego Chargers
325 John Brantley LB Georgia Houston Oilers
326 Dave DesRochers San Diego State Seattle Seahawks
327 Tim Vesling Syracuse Indianapolis Colts
328 Steve Slayden QB Duke Cleveland Browns
329 Greg Clark LB Arizona State Chicago Bears
330 Paul Jurgensen Georgia Tech New Orleans Saints
331 George Mira Miami (Fla.) San Francisco 49ers
332 Johnny Carter Grambling State Denver Broncos
333 Jeff Beathard Southern Oregon Los Angeles Rams

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