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1978 Draft

1978 NFL Draft & Order

The 1978 NFL Draft consisted of 12 rounds with a total of 334 players drafted. The top pick was Earl Campbell out of Texas drafted by the Houston Oilers. Of the 28 players selected in the first round 15 played offense, 12 played defense and 1 played special teams. Notre dame had the most players selected in the first round of the 1978 draft with 3. Some of the top drafted players were Doug Williams (drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Round 1), Earl Campbell (drafted by the Houston Oilers in Round 1), Bill Kenney (drafted by the Miami Dolphins in Round 12), Elvis Peacock (drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in Round 1) and Jim Breech (drafted by the Detroit Lions in Round 8). View all of the players selected in the 1978 NFL Draft round by round.
1978 NFL Draft
Round 1
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
1 Earl Campbell RB Texas Houston Oilers
2 Art Still DL Kentucky Kansas City Chiefs
3 Wes Chandler WR Florida New Orleans Saints
4 Chris Ward OL Ohio State New York Jets
5 Terry Miller RB Oklahoma State Buffalo Bills
6 James Lofton WR Stanford Green Bay Packers
7 Ken MacAfee TE Notre Dame San Francisco 49ers
8 Ross Browner DL Notre Dame Cincinnati Bengals
9 Keith Simpson DB Memphis Seattle Seahawks
10 Gordon King OL Stanford New York Giants
11 Luther Bradley DB Notre Dame Detroit Lions
12 Clay Matthews DL USC Cleveland Browns
13 Mike Kenn OL Michigan Atlanta Falcons
14 John Jefferson WR Arizona State San Diego Chargers
15 Steve Little K Arkansas St. Louis Cardinals
16 Blair Bush OL Washington Cincinnati Bengals
17 Doug Williams QB Grambling State Tampa Bay Buccaneers
18 Bob Cryder OL Alabama New England Patriots
19 Ken Greene DB Washington State St. Louis Cardinals
20 Elvis Peacock RB Oklahoma Los Angeles Rams
21 Randy Holloway DL Pittsburgh Minnesota Vikings
22 Ron Johnson DB Eastern Michigan Pittsburgh Steelers
23 Ozzie Newsome TE Alabama Cleveland Browns
24 Dan Bunz LB Long Beach State San Francisco 49ers
25 Reese McCall TE Auburn Baltimore Colts
26 John Anderson LB Michigan Green Bay Packers
27 Don Latimer DL Miami (Fla.) Denver Broncos
28 Larry Bethea DL Michigan State Dallas Cowboys
Round 2
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
29 Sylvester Hicks DL Tennessee State Kansas City Chiefs
30 Johnny Davis RB Alabama Tampa Bay Buccaneers
31 Mark Merrill LB Minnesota New York Jets
32 Dee Hardison DL North Carolina Buffalo Bills
33 J.T. Taylor OL Missouri New Orleans Saints
34 Mike Hunt LB Minnesota Green Bay Packers
35 Ray Griffin DB Ohio State Cincinnati Bengals
36 Keith Butler LB Memphis Seattle Seahawks
37 Odis McKinney DB Colorado New York Giants
38 Scott Hutchinson DL Florida Buffalo Bills
39 Johnny Evans P North Carolina State Cleveland Browns
40 Al Baker DL Colorado State Detroit Lions
41 Buddy Hardaway OL Oklahoma State San Diego Chargers
42 John Barefield LB Texas A&M - Kingsville St. Louis Cardinals
43 Steve Stewart LB Minnesota Atlanta Falcons
44 Brett Moritz OL Nebraska Tampa Bay Buccaneers
45 Deacon Turner RB San Diego State Cincinnati Bengals
46 Stan Johnson DL Tennessee State Los Angeles Rams
47 Walt Downing OL Michigan San Francisco 49ers
48 John Turner DB Miami (Fla.) Minnesota Vikings
49 Willie Fry Notre Dame Pittsburgh Steelers
50 Matt Cavanaugh QB Pittsburgh New England Patriots
51 Guy Benjamin QB Stanford Miami Dolphins
52 Mike Woods LB Cincinnati Baltimore Colts
53 Ron Smith WR San Diego State Los Angeles Rams
54 Dave Browning DL Washington Oakland Raiders
55 Bill Gay DL USC Denver Broncos
56 Todd Christensen RB Brigham Young Dallas Cowboys
Round 3
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
57 Derrick Jensen RB Texas-Arlington Oakland Raiders
58 Gary Spani LB Kansas State Kansas City Chiefs
59 Dennis Johnson RB Mississippi State Buffalo Bills
60 Barry Bennett DL Concordia (Minn.) New Orleans Saints
61 Mickey Shuler TE Penn State New York Jets
62 Estus Hood DB Illinois State Green Bay Packers
63 Bob Jury DB Pittsburgh Seattle Seahawks
64 Lyman Smith DL Duke Miami Dolphins
65 Danny Fulton WR Nebraska-Omaha Buffalo Bills
66 Reggie Wilkes LB Georgia Tech Philadelphia Eagles
67 Larry Collins RB Texas A&M - Kingsville Cleveland Browns
68 Mark Miller QB Bowling Green State Cleveland Browns
69 Doug Greene DB Texas A&M - Kingsville St. Louis Cardinals
70 Stan Waldemore OL Nebraska Atlanta Falcons
71 Rickey Anderson RB South Carolina State San Diego Chargers
72 Ted Vincent DL Wichita State Cincinnati Bengals
73 Gifford Nielsen QB Brigham Young Houston Oilers
74 Brad Shearer Texas Chicago Bears
75 Whip Walton LB San Diego State Minnesota Vikings
76 Craig Colquitt P Tennessee Pittsburgh Steelers
77 Carlos Pennywell WR Grambling State New England Patriots
78 Frank Corral K UCLA Los Angeles Rams
79 Ernie Hughes OL Notre Dame San Francisco 49ers
80 Leon White Colorado Los Angeles Rams
81 Jimmy Cefalo WR Penn State Miami Dolphins
82 Lindsey Mason OL Kansas Oakland Raiders
83 Don Bass TE Houston Cincinnati Bengals
84 Dave Hudgens Oklahoma Dallas Cowboys
Round 4
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
85 Danny Johnson LB Tennessee State Kansas City Chiefs
86 Maurice Harvey DB Ball State Oakland Raiders
87 Donald Schwartz DB Washington State New Orleans Saints
88 Dodie Donnell Nebraska New York Jets
89 Lucius Sanford LB Georgia Tech Buffalo Bills
90 Billy Taylor RB Texas Tech New York Giants
91 Terry LeCount WR Florida San Francisco 49ers
92 Dennis Harrison DL Vanderbilt Philadelphia Eagles
93 Gerald Small DB San Jose State Miami Dolphins
94 Bill Fifer OL West Texas A&M Detroit Lions
95 Brian Cabral LB Colorado Atlanta Falcons
96 George Collins OL Georgia St. Louis Cardinals
97 Jimmy Childs WR Cal Poly-S.L.O. St. Louis Cardinals
98 Mike Renfro WR Texas Christian Houston Oilers
99 Dennis Law WR East Tennessee State Cincinnati Bengals
100 Jim Hough OL Utah State Minnesota Vikings
101 Larry Anderson DB Louisiana Tech Pittsburgh Steelers
102 Dwight Wheeler OL Tennessee State New England Patriots
103 Pete Pullara Tennessee-Chattanooga Cleveland Browns
104 Pete Woods QB Missouri Kansas City Chiefs
105 Mark Manges QB Maryland Los Angeles Rams
106 Eric Laakso OL Tulane Miami Dolphins
107 Homer Elias OL Tennessee State Detroit Lions
108 Joe Stewart WR Missouri Oakland Raiders
110 Alois Blackwell RB Houston Dallas Cowboys
Round 5
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
109 Larry Tearry OL Wake Forest Detroit Lions
111 Ted Burgmeier DB Notre Dame Miami Dolphins
112 Jerrold McRae WR Tennessee State Kansas City Chiefs
113 Randy Sidler Penn State New York Jets
114 Ken Spaeth Nebraska Buffalo Bills
115 Eric Felton DB Texas Tech New Orleans Saints
116 Mike Douglass LB San Diego State Green Bay Packers
117 Frank Myers OL Texas A&M Baltimore Colts
118 Dwight Carey Texas-Arlington Kansas City Chiefs
119 Louis Bullard OL Jackson State Seattle Seahawks
120 Terry Jackson DB San Diego State New York Giants
121 Amos Fowler OL Southern Mississippi Detroit Lions
122 Keith Wright WR Memphis Cleveland Browns
123 Dan Gray DL Rutgers Detroit Lions
124 Earl Carr RB Florida St. Louis Cardinals
125 Dennis Pearson WR San Diego State Atlanta Falcons
126 Tom Dinkel LB Kansas Cincinnati Bengals
127 Archie Reese DL Clemson San Francisco 49ers
128 Willie Wilder Florida Green Bay Packers
129 Bill Matthews LB South Dakota State New England Patriots
130 Norris Banks Kansas Philadelphia Eagles
131 Rob Hertel QB USC Cincinnati Bengals
132 Jim Krahl DL Texas Tech New York Giants
133 Bruce Threadgill QB Mississippi State San Francisco 49ers
134 Robert Woods WR Grambling State Kansas City Chiefs
135 John Choma OL Virginia San Diego Chargers
136 Derrick Ramsey TE Kentucky Oakland Raiders
137 Brian DeRoo WR Redlands New York Giants
138 Rich Rosen Syracuse Dallas Cowboys
Round 6
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
139 John Skibinski RB Purdue Chicago Bears
140 Tom Davis Nebraska Oakland Raiders
141 Bobby Jackson DB Florida State New York Jets
142 Mike Rieker Lehigh New Orleans Saints
143 Gregg Robinson DL Dartmouth New York Jets
144 Leotis Harris OL Arkansas Green Bay Packers
145 Eric Smith Southern Mississippi Buffalo Bills
146 Glenn Starks Texas A&M - Kingsville Seattle Seahawks
147 Randy Pass OL Georgia Tech New York Giants
148 Elliott Walker RB Pittsburgh San Francisco 49ers
149 Al Pitts Michigan State Cleveland Browns
150 Dwight Hicks DB Michigan Detroit Lions
151 Jack Williams Bowling Green State St. Louis Cardinals
152 Rod Parker WR Tennessee State Atlanta Falcons
153 Tony Ardizzone OL Northwestern Detroit Lions
154 Conrad Rucker TE Southern University Houston Oilers
155 Steve Geise Penn State Cincinnati Bengals
156 Ken Coleman Mississippi New England Patriots
157 Frank Chesley LB Wyoming New Orleans Saints
158 Mekeli Ieremia DL Brigham Young Chicago Bears
159 Tony Green RB Florida Washington Redskins
160 Randy Reutershan WR Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Steelers
161 Ben Garry RB Southern Mississippi Baltimore Colts
162 Elijah Marshall North Carolina State Tampa Bay Buccaneers
163 Doug Betters DL Nevada-Reno Miami Dolphins
164 Mike Levenseller WR Washington State Oakland Raiders
165 Jesse Thompson WR California Detroit Lions
166 Harold Randolph East Carolina Dallas Cowboys
Round 7
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
167 Alfred Jackson WR Texas Atlanta Falcons
168 Ricky Odom DB USC Kansas City Chiefs
169 Levi Armstrong UCLA New York Jets
170 Jim Earley RB Michigan State New York Jets
171 Mario Celotto LB USC Buffalo Bills
172 George Plasketes Mississippi Green Bay Packers
173 John Harris DB Arizona State Seattle Seahawks
174 Dan Doornink RB Washington State New York Giants
175 Fred Quillan OL Oregon San Francisco 49ers
176 Art Whittington RB Southern Methodist Oakland Raiders
177 Bruce Gibson U. of Pacific Detroit Lions
178 Karl Baldischwiler OL Oklahoma Miami Dolphins
179 James Wright TE Texas Christian Atlanta Falcons
180 Cliff Featherstone Colorado State San Diego Chargers
181 Dave Stief DB Portland State St. Louis Cardinals
182 Joe Branson Livingstone Cincinnati Bengals
183 Steve Powell RB Truman State Buffalo Bills
184 Bill Kellar WR Stanford Kansas City Chiefs
185 Herman Jones Ohio State Chicago Bears
186 Greg Marshall DL Oregon State Philadelphia Eagles
187 Mark Dufresne Nebraska Pittsburgh Steelers
188 Mike Hawkins LB Texas A&M - Kingsville New England Patriots
189 Reggie Doss DL Hampton Los Angeles Rams
190 Lloyd Henry Truman State Miami Dolphins
191 Jeff Logan Ohio State Baltimore Colts
192 Earl Inmon LB Bethune-Cookman Oakland Raiders
193 Danny Bass Elon Cincinnati Bengals
194 Tom Randall OL Iowa State Dallas Cowboys
Round 8
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
195 John Henry White Louisiana Tech Kansas City Chiefs
196 John McGriff Miami (Fla.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
197 Derrick Gaffney WR Florida New York Jets
198 Terry Falcon OL Montana New England Patriots
199 Brooks Williams TE North Carolina New Orleans Saints
200 Dennis Sproul QB Arizona State Green Bay Packers
201 Jeff Grady Florida A&M New York Giants
202 Walker Lee North Carolina Washington Redskins
203 Mike Mock LB Texas Tech New York Jets
204 Mike Wood K Southeast Missouri State Minnesota Vikings
205 Jesse Turnbow DL Tennessee Cleveland Browns
206 Jim Breech K California Detroit Lions
207 Mark Nichols LB Colorado State Oakland Raiders
208 Rick Moser RB Rhode Island Pittsburgh Steelers
209 David Adkins Ohio State Atlanta Falcons
210 J.C. Wilson DB Pittsburgh Houston Oilers
211 Bill Miller Western Illinois Cincinnati Bengals
212 George Freitas California Chicago Bears
213 Roy Eppes Clemson New York Jets
214 Andre Keys Cal Poly-S.L.O. Pittsburgh Steelers
215 Mosi Tatupu RB USC New England Patriots
216 David Williams Tennessee-Martin Atlanta Falcons
217 Sean Clancy LB Amherst Miami Dolphins
218 Monte Anthony Nebraska Baltimore Colts
219 Don Hover LB Washington State Washington Redskins
220 Gavin Hedrick Washington State San Diego Chargers
221 Franky Smith OL Alabama A&M Denver Broncos
222 Homer Butler UCLA Dallas Cowboys
Round 9
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
223 Willie Taylor WR Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Buccaneers
224 Larry Brown OL Miami (Fla.) Kansas City Chiefs
225 Reggie Grant DB Oregon New York Jets
226 Richard Carter North Carolina State New Orleans Saints
227 Neil Hutton Penn State New York Jets
228 Keith Myers Utah State Green Bay Packers
229 Herman Redden Howard San Francisco 49ers
230 Charles Williams DB Jackson State Philadelphia Eagles
231 Rich Grimmett Illinois Seattle Seahawks
232 Bill Swiacki Amherst New York Giants
233 Dean Moore LB Iowa San Francisco 49ers
234 Jon Kramer Baylor Cleveland Browns
235 Joe Mosley Central State (Ohio) St. Louis Cardinals
236 Tom Pridemore DB West Virginia Atlanta Falcons
237 Henry Bradley DL Alcorn State San Diego Chargers
238 Ron Shumon LB Wichita State Cincinnati Bengals
239 Jim Mol Morningside Houston Oilers
240 Mike Deutsch Colorado State Minnesota Vikings
241 Lance Reynolds Brigham Young Pittsburgh Steelers
242 Tim Petersen Arizona State New England Patriots
243 John Hurley Santa Clara Washington Redskins
244 Mike Martin Kentucky Chicago Bears
245 Dave Studdard OL Texas Baltimore Colts
246 Andre Anderson New Mexico State Los Angeles Rams
247 Bruce Hardy QB Arizona State Miami Dolphins
248 Blake Whitlatch LB Louisiana State San Diego Chargers
249 Steve McDaniels Notre Dame San Francisco 49ers
250 Russ Williams Tennessee Dallas Cowboys
Round 10
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
251 Earl Bryant Jackson State Kansas City Chiefs
252 Aaron Brown LB Ohio State Tampa Bay Buccaneers
253 Greg Jorgensen Nebraska New York Giants
254 Louie Richardson Florida State New York Jets
255 Will Grant OL Kentucky Buffalo Bills
256 Larry Key Florida State Green Bay Packers
257 Ricky Patton RB Jackson State Atlanta Falcons
258 Rob Stewart Lafayette Seattle Seahawks
259 Mark Totten Florida Green Bay Packers
260 Mike Connell P Cincinnati San Francisco 49ers
261 Brent Watson Tennessee Cleveland Browns
262 Fred Arrington Purdue Detroit Lions
263 Ray Strong RB Nevada-Las Vegas Atlanta Falcons
264 Charles Price Cincinnati San Diego Chargers
265 Randy Gill LB San Jose State St. Louis Cardinals
266 Steve Young Wake Forest Houston Oilers
267 Tom DePaso LB Penn State Cincinnati Bengals
268 Doug Becker LB Notre Dame Pittsburgh Steelers
269 Bryan Ferguson Miami (Fla.) New England Patriots
270 Scott Hertenstein Azusa Pacific Washington Redskins
271 Ben Zambiasi Georgia Chicago Bears
272 Hughie Shaw Texas A&M - Kingsville Minnesota Vikings
273 Charles Peal Indiana Los Angeles Rams
274 Mark Dennard OL Texas A&M Miami Dolphins
275 Dallas Owens Kentucky Baltimore Colts
276 Tom Jurich K Northern Arizona Pittsburgh Steelers
277 Vince Kinney WR Maryland Denver Broncos
278 Barry Tomasetti Iowa Dallas Cowboys
Round 11
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
279 Nat Terry DB Florida State Pittsburgh Steelers
280 Ray Milo DB New Mexico State Kansas City Chiefs
281 Pat Ryan QB Tennessee New York Jets
282 Jerry Blanton LB Kentucky Buffalo Bills
283 Nathaniel BeSaint Southern University New Orleans Saints
284 Terry Jones DL Alabama Green Bay Packers
285 Dave Riley West Virginia New Orleans Saints
286 Dennis Heim Missouri State New York Giants
287 Willie McCray DL Troy State San Francisco 49ers
288 Billy Campfield RB Kansas Philadelphia Eagles
289 Richard Murray Oklahoma Detroit Lions
290 Larry Gillard DL Mississippi State Cleveland Browns
291 Dean Jones Fresno State Oakland Raiders
292 Cal Prince Louisville Cincinnati Bengals
293 Scooter Reed Baylor Atlanta Falcons
294 Mark Donahue OL Michigan Cincinnati Bengals
295 Willie Thicklen Alabama State Houston Oilers
296 Charlie Williams Florida New England Patriots
297 Mike Williams Texas A&M Washington Redskins
298 Walt Underwood USC Chicago Bears
299 Ron Harris Colorado State Minnesota Vikings
300 Tom Brzoza Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Steelers
301 George Halas Miami (Fla.) Seattle Seahawks
302 Henry Mason Central Missouri State Baltimore Colts
303 Ron Hostetler Penn State Los Angeles Rams
304 Bob Glazebrook DB Fresno State Oakland Raiders
305 Lacy Brumley Clemson Denver Broncos
306 Dennis Thurman DB USC Dallas Cowboys
Round 12
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
307 Willie Brock OL Colorado Kansas City Chiefs
308 Kevin McLee Georgia Tampa Bay Buccaneers
309 Richard Crump Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (J.C.) Buffalo Bills
310 Larry Hardy TE Jackson State New Orleans Saints
311 Alan Williams Florida New York Jets
312 Eason Ramson TE Washington State Green Bay Packers
313 Greg Lawson Western Illinois New York Giants
314 Dan Irons Texas Tech San Francisco 49ers
315 Mark Slater OL Minnesota Philadelphia Eagles
316 Jeff Bergeron Lamar Seattle Seahawks
317 Leo Biedermann OL California Cleveland Browns
318 Mark Patterson Washington State Detroit Lions
319 Anthony Clay South Carolina State St. Louis Cardinals
320 Daria Butler Oklahoma State Atlanta Falcons
321 Kevin Bell WR Lamar San Diego Chargers
322 John Schuhmacher OL USC Houston Oilers
323 Kim Featsent Kent State Cincinnati Bengals
324 Steve McCabe Bowdoin Washington Redskins
325 Lew Sibley Louisiana State Chicago Bears
326 Jeff Morrow Minnesota Minnesota Vikings
327 Brad Carr Maryland Pittsburgh Steelers
328 John Gibney OL Colgate New England Patriots
329 Bruce Allen Richmond Baltimore Colts
330 Gus Coppens OL UCLA Los Angeles Rams
331 Mike Moore Middle Tennessee State Miami Dolphins
332 Joe Conron U. of Pacific Oakland Raiders
333 Bill Kenney QB Northern Colorado Miami Dolphins
334 Lee Washburn Montana State Dallas Cowboys

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