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1974 Draft

1974 NFL Draft & Order

The 1974 NFL Draft consisted of 17 rounds with a total of 442 players drafted. The top pick was Too Tall Jones out of Tennessee State drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Of the 26 players selected in the first round 13 played offense and 13 played defense. Ohio state had the most players selected in the first round of the 1974 draft with 3. Some of the top drafted players were Mike Boryla (drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in Round 4), Danny White (drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in Round 3), Delvin Williams (drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in Round 2), Woody Green (drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in Round 1) and Gary Marangi (drafted by the Buffalo Bills in Round 3). View all of the players selected in the 1974 NFL Draft round by round.
1974 NFL Draft
Round 1
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
1 Too Tall Jones DL Tennessee State Dallas Cowboys
2 Bo Matthews RB Colorado San Diego Chargers
3 John Hicks OL Ohio State New York Giants
4 Waymond Bryant LB Tennessee State Chicago Bears
5 John Dutton DL Nebraska Baltimore Colts
6 Carl Barzilauskas DL Indiana New York Jets
7 J.V. Cain TE Colorado St. Louis Cardinals
8 Ed O'Neil LB Penn State Detroit Lions
9 Wilbur Jackson RB Alabama San Francisco 49ers
10 Bill Sandifer DL UCLA San Francisco 49ers
11 John Cappelletti RB Penn State Los Angeles Rams
12 Barty Smith RB Richmond Green Bay Packers
13 Rick Middleton LB Ohio State New Orleans Saints
14 Randy Gradishar LB Ohio State Denver Broncos
15 Don Goode LB Kansas San Diego Chargers
16 Woody Green RB Arizona State Kansas City Chiefs
17 Fred McNeill LB UCLA Minnesota Vikings
18 Reuben Gant WR Oklahoma State Buffalo Bills
19 Henry Lawrence OL Florida A&M Oakland Raiders
20 Dave Gallagher DL Michigan Chicago Bears
21 Lynn Swann WR USC Pittsburgh Steelers
22 Charley Young RB North Carolina State Dallas Cowboys
23 Bill Kollar DL Montana State Cincinnati Bengals
24 Roger Carr WR Louisiana Tech Baltimore Colts
25 Steve Riley OL USC Minnesota Vikings
26 Don Reese DL Jackson State Miami Dolphins
Round 2
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
27 Doug Allen LB Penn State Buffalo Bills
28 Tom Mullen OL Missouri State New York Giants
29 John Holland WR Tennessee State Minnesota Vikings
30 Steve Corbett OL Boston College New England Patriots
31 Gordie Browne OL Boston College New York Jets
32 Fred Cook DL Southern Mississippi Baltimore Colts
33 Greg Kindle OL Tennessee State St. Louis Cardinals
34 Steve Nelson LB North Dakota State New England Patriots
35 Keith Fahnhorst OL Minnesota San Francisco 49ers
36 Paul Seal TE Michigan New Orleans Saints
37 Ed Shuttlesworth Michigan Baltimore Colts
38 Andre Tillman TE Texas Tech Miami Dolphins
39 Billy Howard DL Alcorn State Detroit Lions
40 Billy Corbett Johnson C. Smith Cleveland Browns
41 Charlie Getty OL Penn State Kansas City Chiefs
42 Carl Wafer DL Tennessee State Denver Broncos
43 Mark Markovich OL Penn State San Diego Chargers
44 Gerald Tinker WR Kent State Atlanta Falcons
45 Dave Casper TE Notre Dame Oakland Raiders
46 Jack Lambert LB Kent State Pittsburgh Steelers
47 Benny Malone RB Arizona State Miami Dolphins
48 Charlie Davis RB Colorado Cincinnati Bengals
49 Delvin Williams RB Kansas San Francisco 49ers
50 Bill Simpson DB Michigan State Los Angeles Rams
51 Matt Blair LB Iowa State Minnesota Vikings
52 Jeris White DB Hawaii Miami Dolphins
Round 3
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
53 Danny White QB Arizona State Dallas Cowboys
54 Wayne Wheeler WR Alabama Chicago Bears
55 Rick Dvorak DL Wichita State New York Giants
56 Greg Horton OL Colorado Chicago Bears
57 Glenn Robinson DL Oklahoma State Baltimore Colts
58 Godwin Turk LB Southern University New York Jets
59 Bill Rudder Tennessee San Diego Chargers
60 Steve George DL Houston St. Louis Cardinals
61 Dave Lapham OL Syracuse Cincinnati Bengals
62 Cliff Taylor RB Memphis Chicago Bears
63 Mitch Sutton DL Kansas Philadelphia Eagles
64 Steve Craig TE Northwestern Minnesota Vikings
65 Dexter Bussey RB Texas-Arlington Detroit Lions
66 David Jaynes QB Kansas Kansas City Chiefs
67 Bob Pratt OL North Carolina Baltimore Colts
68 Claudie Minor OL San Diego State Denver Broncos
69 Kim McQuilken QB Lehigh Atlanta Falcons
70 Gary Marangi QB Boston College Buffalo Bills
71 Mo Spencer DB North Carolina Central Atlanta Falcons
72 Cal Peterson LB UCLA Dallas Cowboys
73 Evan Jolitz LB Cincinnati Cincinnati Bengals
74 Roscoe Word DB Jackson State New York Jets
75 Mark van Eeghen RB Colgate Oakland Raiders
76 Al Oliver UCLA Los Angeles Rams
77 Scott Anderson OL Missouri Minnesota Vikings
78 Nat Moore RB Florida Miami Dolphins
Round 4
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
79 Steve Manstedt Nebraska Houston Oilers
80 Carl Summerell QB East Carolina New York Giants
81 Harrison Davis WR Virginia San Diego Chargers
82 John Stallworth WR Alabama A&M Pittsburgh Steelers
83 Clint Haslerig WR Michigan San Francisco 49ers
84 Tony Bell Bowling Green State Baltimore Colts
85 Durwood Keeton DB Oklahoma St. Louis Cardinals
86 Mike Townsend Notre Dame Minnesota Vikings
87 Mike Boryla QB Stanford Cincinnati Bengals
88 Rod McNeill RB USC New Orleans Saints
89 Frank LeMaster LB Kentucky Philadelphia Eagles
90 Sammy Johnson RB North Carolina San Francisco 49ers
91 Ike Harris WR Iowa State St. Louis Cardinals
92 Ozell Collier Colorado Denver Broncos
93 Morris Bradshaw WR Ohio State Oakland Raiders
94 Matt Herkenhoff OL Minnesota Kansas City Chiefs
95 Carlester Crumpler East Carolina Buffalo Bills
96 Vince Kendrick RB Florida Atlanta Falcons
97 Ken Hutcherson LB West Alabama Dallas Cowboys
98 Daryl White OL Nebraska Cincinnati Bengals
99 Norris Weese QB Mississippi Los Angeles Rams
100 Jimmy Allen DB UCLA Pittsburgh Steelers
101 Andy Andrade Northern Michigan Dallas Cowboys
102 Frank Johnson California-Riverside Los Angeles Rams
103 Richard Williams WR Abilene Christian Cincinnati Bengals
104 Bill Stevenson Drake Miami Dolphins
Round 5
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
105 John Teerlinck DL Western Illinois San Diego Chargers
106 Gary Hayman RB Penn State Buffalo Bills
107 Don Clune WR Pennsylvania New York Giants
108 Jim Cagle DL Georgia Philadelphia Eagles
109 Henry Childs TE Kansas State Atlanta Falcons
110 Gary Baccus Oklahoma New York Jets
111 Steve Neils LB Minnesota St. Louis Cardinals
112 Andy Johnson RB Georgia New England Patriots
113 Joel Parker WR Florida New Orleans Saints
114 Haskel Stanback RB Tennessee Cincinnati Bengals
115 Keith Krepfle TE Iowa State Philadelphia Eagles
116 Steve Odom WR Utah Green Bay Packers
117 Carl Capria DB Purdue Detroit Lions
118 Mark Ilgenfritz DL Vanderbilt Cleveland Browns
119 Clyde Powers DB Oklahoma New York Giants
120 Jim Ferguson Stanford Minnesota Vikings
121 Terry Schmidt DB Ball State New Orleans Saints
122 Tim Guy Oregon Buffalo Bills
123 Pete Wessel Northwestern Oakland Raiders
124 Charles Battle Grambling State New England Patriots
125 Mike Webster OL Wisconsin Pittsburgh Steelers
126 John Kelsey Missouri Dallas Cowboys
127 Richard Bishop DL Louisville Cincinnati Bengals
128 Monroe Eley RB Arizona State Atlanta Falcons
129 Doug Nettles DB Vanderbilt Baltimore Colts
130 Cleveland Vann Oklahoma State Miami Dolphins
Round 6
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
131 Jay Washington Clemson Kansas City Chiefs
132 Jim Pietrzak DL Eastern Michigan New York Giants
133 Jesse Freitas QB San Diego State San Diego Chargers
134 Don Woods RB New Mexico Green Bay Packers
135 Bill Wyman Texas New York Jets
136 Randy Crowder DL Penn State Miami Dolphins
137 Wayne Jones Mississippi State New York Jets
138 Mike Raines DL Alabama San Francisco 49ers
139 Willie Burden North Carolina State Detroit Lions
140 Danny Rhodes LB Arkansas Baltimore Colts
141 Chuck Ramsey P Wake Forest New England Patriots
142 Ken Payne WR Langston Green Bay Packers
143 Jim Davis Alcorn State Detroit Lions
144 Jon Keyworth RB Colorado Washington Redskins
145 John Winesberry Stanford Denver Broncos
146 Billy Pritchett RB West Texas A&M Cleveland Browns
147 Doyle Orange Southern Mississippi Atlanta Falcons
148 James McAlister RB UCLA Oakland Raiders
149 Jim Wolf DL Prairie View A&M Pittsburgh Steelers
150 Rich Druschel OL North Carolina State Pittsburgh Steelers
151 Jim Bright UCLA Dallas Cowboys
152 Robin Sinclair Washington State Cincinnati Bengals
153 Bill Bryant DB Grambling State Cincinnati Bengals
154 Booker Brown OL USC Houston Oilers
155 Mark Kellar RB Northern Illinois Minnesota Vikings
156 Bob Wolfe Nebraska Miami Dolphins
Round 7
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
157 Leonard Fairley DB Alcorn State Houston Oilers
158 John Harvey Texas-Arlington Los Angeles Rams
159 Marty Woolbright South Carolina New York Giants
160 Jack Ettinger Arkansas Chicago Bears
161 Noah Jackson OL Tampa Baltimore Colts
162 Butch Veazey Mississippi New York Jets
163 Bob Herrick Purdue Cleveland Browns
164 Carl Swierc Rice Miami Dolphins
165 Allen Sitterle North Carolina State Pittsburgh Steelers
166 Kermit Johnson RB UCLA San Francisco 49ers
167 Willie Cullars DL Kansas State Philadelphia Eagles
168 Bart Purvis Maryland Green Bay Packers
169 Efren Herrera K UCLA Detroit Lions
170 Dan Dickel LB Iowa Baltimore Colts
171 Gerry Sullivan OL Illinois Cleveland Browns
172 Leroy Hegge South Dakota Kansas City Chiefs
173 James Coode Michigan Atlanta Falcons
174 Freddie Scott WR Amherst Baltimore Colts
175 Rod Garcia Stanford Oakland Raiders
176 Raymond Nester Michigan State Dallas Cowboys
177 Ken Sawyer DB Syracuse Cincinnati Bengals
178 Maury Damkroger LB Nebraska New England Patriots
179 Scott Garske Eastern Washington Pittsburgh Steelers
180 Mike Varty LB Northwestern Washington Redskins
181 Fred Tabron Missouri State Minnesota Vikings
182 Joe Sullivan Boston College Miami Dolphins
Round 8
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
183 Mike McCoy Western Kentucky Houston Oilers
184 Ezil Bibbs Grambling State New York Giants
185 Tom Forrest OL Cincinnati San Diego Chargers
186 Alan Chadwick East Tennessee State Chicago Bears
187 Greg Gantt P Alabama New York Jets
188 Greg Latta TE Morgan State Baltimore Colts
189 Sergio Albert K U.S. International (CA) St. Louis Cardinals
190 Ken Grandberry RB Washington State Chicago Bears
191 Jim Schnietz Missouri San Francisco 49ers
192 Larry Lightfoot West Alabama New York Jets
193 Robert Woods Howard Payne Philadelphia Eagles
194 Monte Doris USC Green Bay Packers
195 Mike Denimarck Emporia State Detroit Lions
196 Darwin Robinson South Dakota State Washington Redskins
197 Ron Rydalch DL Utah New York Jets
198 Paul Miles Bowling Green State Baltimore Colts
199 Eddie Brown DB Tennessee Cleveland Browns
200 Ned Guillet Boston College Green Bay Packers
201 Alvin Maxson RB Southern Methodist New Orleans Saints
202 Johnnie McDaniel WR Lincoln (MO) Cincinnati Bengals
203 Greg Hare Ohio State Baltimore Colts
204 Mark Gefert Purdue Pittsburgh Steelers
205 Mike Holt Michigan State Dallas Cowboys
206 Bon Boatwright DL Oklahoma State San Diego Chargers
207 Berl Simmons Texas Christian Minnesota Vikings
208 Melvin Baker WR Texas Southern Miami Dolphins
Round 9
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
209 Ed McCartney Northeastern State (Okla.) New England Patriots
210 Danny Colbert DB Tulsa San Diego Chargers
211 Jim Rathje Northern Michigan New York Giants
212 Tom Wickert OL Washington State Miami Dolphins
213 Don Hutt Boise State Los Angeles Rams
214 Bob Burns RB Georgia New York Jets
215 Reggie Harrison RB Cincinnati St. Louis Cardinals
216 Manfred Moore RB USC San Francisco 49ers
217 Phil LaPorta OL Penn State New Orleans Saints
218 Mark Sens Colorado Washington Redskins
219 Mark Sheridan Holy Cross Philadelphia Eagles
220 Harold Holton Texas-El Paso Green Bay Packers
221 Derek Williams California-Riverside Los Angeles Rams
222 Jim Jennings Rutgers Kansas City Chiefs
223 Tommy Reamon RB Missouri Pittsburgh Steelers
224 Dan Scott Ohio State Cleveland Browns
225 Larry Bailey DL U. of Pacific Atlanta Falcons
226 Brian Doherty Notre Dame Buffalo Bills
227 Ken Pope DB Oklahoma Oakland Raiders
228 Mike Flater Colorado Mines Washington Redskins
229 Charles Davis DL Texas Christian Pittsburgh Steelers
230 Bill Dulin Johnson C. Smith Dallas Cowboys
231 Edward Johnson Southern Methodist Cincinnati Bengals
232 Sam McCullum WR Montana State Minnesota Vikings
233 Jimmie Kennedy TE Colorado State Washington Redskins
234 Bob Lally LB Cornell Miami Dolphins
Round 10
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
235 Frosty Anderson Nebraska New Orleans Saints
236 Ray Rhodes WR Tulsa New York Giants
237 John Ketchoyian Santa Clara San Diego Chargers
238 Mike Puestow North Dakota State Cleveland Browns
239 Sam Baker Georgia New York Jets
240 Bob Van Duyne OL Idaho Baltimore Colts
241 Art Cameron Albany State (Ga.) Buffalo Bills
242 Tommy Thibodeaux Tulane New Orleans Saints
243 Jim Kregel Ohio State Pittsburgh Steelers
244 Glen Gaspard Texas San Francisco 49ers
245 Phil Polak Bowling Green State Philadelphia Eagles
246 Doug Troszak Michigan Green Bay Packers
247 David Wooley Central State (Ohio) Detroit Lions
248 Charlie Johnson Southern University Denver Broncos
249 Don Calhoun RB Kansas State Buffalo Bills
250 Tom Condon OL Boston College Kansas City Chiefs
251 Greg Hartle LB Newberry St. Louis Cardinals
252 Paul Ryczek OL Virginia Atlanta Falcons
253 Chris Arnold Virginia State Oakland Raiders
254 Dave Atkinson Brigham Young Pittsburgh Steelers
255 Dennis Morgan RB Western Illinois Dallas Cowboys
256 Chuck Herd Penn State Cincinnati Bengals
257 Glenn Ellis Elon Baltimore Colts
258 Johnny Vann South Dakota Washington Redskins
259 Barry Reed Peru State Minnesota Vikings
260 Gary Valbuena Tennessee Miami Dolphins
Round 11
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
261 Steve Taylor Auburn Houston Oilers
262 Dave Grannell TE Arizona State San Diego Chargers
263 Bobby Brooks DB Bishop New York Giants
264 Norm Hodgins DB Louisiana State Chicago Bears
265 Tim Rudnick DB Notre Dame Baltimore Colts
266 Eugene Bird Southern Mississippi New York Jets
267 Bill Buckley Mississippi State New York Jets
268 Archie Gibson Utah State New England Patriots
269 Greg Battle Colorado State San Francisco 49ers
270 Kent Merritt Virginia New Orleans Saints
271 Bill Brittain Kansas State Philadelphia Eagles
272 Eric Torkelson RB Connecticut Green Bay Packers
273 T.C. Blair TE Tulsa Detroit Lions
274 Tom Gooden Harding Cleveland Browns
275 Bob Thornbladh LB Michigan Kansas City Chiefs
276 Steve Buchanan Holy Cross Denver Broncos
277 Eddie Wilson Albany State (Ga.) Atlanta Falcons
278 Rod Kirby Pittsburgh Buffalo Bills
279 Harold Hart RB Texas Southern Oakland Raiders
280 Harvey McGee Southern Mississippi Dallas Cowboys
281 Ed Kezirian UCLA Cincinnati Bengals
282 Joe Miller Villanova Washington Redskins
283 Dickey Morton Arkansas Pittsburgh Steelers
284 Rick Hayes Washington Los Angeles Rams
285 Dave Boone DL Eastern Michigan Minnesota Vikings
286 Gerry Roberts UCLA Miami Dolphins
Round 12
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
287 Ricky Browne Florida Houston Oilers
288 Jimmy Sims LB USC New York Giants
289 Sam Williams DB California San Diego Chargers
290 Jeff Sevy OL California Chicago Bears
291 John Ricca Duke New York Jets
292 Dave Simonson OL Minnesota Baltimore Colts
293 Roger Wallace WR Bowling Green State St. Louis Cardinals
294 Tom Hull LB Penn State San Francisco 49ers
295 Jim Buckmon Pittsburgh New Orleans Saints
296 Eddie Foster Oklahoma New England Patriots
297 Artimus Parker DB USC Philadelphia Eagles
298 Randy Walker P Northwestern State-Louisiana Green Bay Packers
299 Mark Wakefield WR Tampa Detroit Lions
300 Carl Brown West Texas A&M Kansas City Chiefs
301 Larry Cameron Alcorn State Denver Broncos
302 Ron McNeil North Carolina Central Cleveland Browns
303 Dave Means DL Southeast Missouri State Buffalo Bills
304 Vic Koegel LB Ohio State Atlanta Falcons
305 Noe Gonzalez RB Texas State Oakland Raiders
306 Rudy McClinon Xavier (Ohio) Cincinnati Bengals
307 Bob Bobrowski Purdue Baltimore Colts
308 Hugh Lickiss Simpson (IA) Pittsburgh Steelers
309 Keith Bobo Southern Methodist Dallas Cowboys
310 Roger Freberg UCLA Los Angeles Rams
311 Randy Poltl DB Stanford Minnesota Vikings
312 Jim Revels Florida Miami Dolphins
Round 13
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
313 Dan Dixon Boise State Houston Oilers
314 Brian Vertefeuille OL Idaho State San Diego Chargers
315 Dennis Colvin Texas State New York Giants
316 Joe Barnes QB Texas Tech Chicago Bears
317 Randy Hall DB Idaho Baltimore Colts
318 icate) Tate Jackson State New York Jets
319 Jimmy Poulos Georgia St. Louis Cardinals
320 Mike Truax Tulane New Orleans Saints
321 Phil Bennett Boston College New England Patriots
322 Tom Owen QB Wichita State San Francisco 49ers
323 Lars Ditlev South Dakota Tech Philadelphia Eagles
324 Emanuel Armstrong San Jose State Green Bay Packers
325 Fred Rothwell OL Kansas State Detroit Lions
326 John Clerkley Fort Valley State Denver Broncos
327 Mike Seifert Wisconsin Cleveland Browns
328 Norm Romagnoli Kentucky State Kansas City Chiefs
329 Ralph Powell Nebraska Atlanta Falcons
330 Mike Dennery LB Southern Mississippi Oakland Raiders
331 Ed Gatewood Tennessee State Buffalo Bills
332 Stu O'Dell LB Indiana Washington Redskins
333 Frank Kolch Eastern Michigan Pittsburgh Steelers
334 Fred Lima Colorado Dallas Cowboys
335 Ted Jornov Iowa State Cincinnati Bengals
336 Pete Solverson Drake Los Angeles Rams
337 Gary Keller Utah Minnesota Vikings
338 Clayton Heath RB Wake Forest Miami Dolphins
Round 14
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
339 Phil Lamm North Carolina Buffalo Bills
340 Mike Hayes Virginia State New York Giants
341 Greg Bailey Long Beach State San Diego Chargers
342 Paul Vellano Maryland Chicago Bears
343 Greg Fountain Mississippi State New York Jets
344 Ed Collins Rice Baltimore Colts
345 Charles Smith Yankton St. Louis Cardinals
346 Cecil Bowens Kentucky New England Patriots
347 Walt Williamson Michigan San Francisco 49ers
348 Kent Marshall Texas Christian New Orleans Saints
349 David Smith Oklahoma Philadelphia Eagles
350 Andy Neloms Kentucky State Green Bay Packers
351 David Jones Howard Payne Detroit Lions
352 Bob Hunt RB Heidelberg Cleveland Browns
353 Frank Pomarico Notre Dame Kansas City Chiefs
354 Rich Marks Northern Illinois Denver Broncos
355 Phil Gurbada Maryville College Buffalo Bills
356 John Givens Villanova Atlanta Falcons
357 Don Willingham Wis.-Milwaukee Oakland Raiders
358 Bruce Henley Rice Pittsburgh Steelers
359 Doug Richards Brigham Young Dallas Cowboys
360 Mike Phillips Cornell Cincinnati Bengals
361 Don VanGalder Utah Washington Redskins
362 Ananias Carson Langston Los Angeles Rams
363 Alan Dixon Harding Minnesota Vikings
364 Sam Johnson Arizona State Miami Dolphins
Round 15
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
365 Billy Johnson WR Widener Houston Oilers
366 Charles Anthony LB USC San Diego Chargers
367 Larry Jones DB Truman State New York Giants
368 Oliver Alexander Grambling State Chicago Bears
369 Pat Kelly Richmond Baltimore Colts
370 Willie Brister TE Southern University New York Jets
371 Vince Ancell Arkansas State St. Louis Cardinals
372 Leonard Gray Long Beach State San Francisco 49ers
373 Larry Cipa QB Michigan New Orleans Saints
374 Sam Hunt LB Stephen F. Austin St. New England Patriots
375 Sid Bond Texas Christian Philadelphia Eagles
376 Dave Wannstedt Pittsburgh Green Bay Packers
377 John Wells Kansas State Detroit Lions
378 Lem Burnham LB U.S. International (CA) Kansas City Chiefs
379 Peil Pennington Massachusetts Denver Broncos
380 Ransom Terrell Arizona Cleveland Browns
381 Willie Jones Iowa State Atlanta Falcons
382 Ken Williams Louisiana-Lafayette Buffalo Bills
383 Greg Mathis Idaho State Oakland Raiders
384 Bruce Craft Geneva Dallas Cowboys
385 Isaac Jackson Kansas State Cincinnati Bengals
386 Greg Meczka Bowling Green State San Diego Chargers
387 Larry Hunt Iowa State Pittsburgh Steelers
388 Bob Thomas K Notre Dame Los Angeles Rams
389 Kurt Wachtler St. John's (Minn.) Minnesota Vikings
390 Larry Cates Western Michigan Miami Dolphins
Round 16
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
391 Matthew Williams Louisiana-Monroe Houston Oilers
392 Buddy Brown Alabama New York Giants
393 Neal Skarin Arizona State San Diego Chargers
394 Randy Geist Colorado Chicago Bears
395 Jazz Jackson RB Western Kentucky New York Jets
396 Dave Margavage Kentucky Baltimore Colts
397 Alonzo Emery Arizona State St. Louis Cardinals
398 Don Coleman LB Michigan New Orleans Saints
399 Lucious Selmon Oklahoma New England Patriots
400 Jack Conners Oregon San Francisco 49ers
401 Jim Smith Monmouth (Ill.) Philadelphia Eagles
402 Mark Cooney LB Colorado Green Bay Packers
403 Myron Wilson Bowling Green State Detroit Lions
404 Darrell Austin OL South Carolina Denver Broncos
405 Barry Beers William & Mary Kansas City Chiefs
406 Stanford Qvale North Dakota State Buffalo Bills
407 Preston Anderson DB Rice Cleveland Browns
408 Molly McGee RB Rhode Island Atlanta Falcons
409 Delario Robinson Kansas Oakland Raiders
410 Darryl Bishop Kentucky Cincinnati Bengals
411 Nate Anderson Eastern Illinois Washington Redskins
412 Octavus Morgan Illinois Pittsburgh Steelers
413 Gene Killian OL Tennessee Dallas Cowboys
414 Dave Ottmar Stanford Los Angeles Rams
415 John Goebel St. Thomas Minnesota Vikings
416 Jessie Wolf Prairie View A&M Miami Dolphins
Round 17
Selection Player Position CollegeDrafted By
417 Bill Hedge Truman State Houston Oilers
418 Charles DeJurnett DL San Jose State San Diego Chargers
419 Steve Crosby RB Fort Hays State New York Giants
420 Craig Holland Texas-Arlington Chicago Bears
421 Tim Berra WR Massachusetts Baltimore Colts
422 Doug Lowrey Arkansas State New York Jets
423 John Moseley Missouri St. Louis Cardinals
424 Gary Hudson Boston College New England Patriots
425 Levi Stanley Hawaii San Francisco 49ers
426 Marvin Williams Western Illinois New Orleans Saints
427 Cliff Brown Notre Dame Philadelphia Eagles
428 Randy Woodfield Portland State Green Bay Packers
429 Collis Temple Louisiana State Detroit Lions
430 Carlton Buchanan Southwestern Oklahoma State Cleveland Browns
431 David Langner Auburn Kansas City Chiefs
432 Boyd Brown TE Alcorn State Denver Broncos
433 Al Davis Boise State Atlanta Falcons
434 Sal Casola Cincinnati Buffalo Bills
435 James Morris Missouri Valley Oakland Raiders
436 Buzzy Lewis Florida State Baltimore Colts
437 Larry Moore Angelo State Pittsburgh Steelers
438 Lawrie Skolrood North Dakota Dallas Cowboys
439 Jim Smith North Carolina Central Cincinnati Bengals
440 Willie Townsend Notre Dame Los Angeles Rams
441 Earl Garrett Boston College Minnesota Vikings
442 Ken Dickerson Tuskegee Miami Dolphins

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